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Concrete Repair Products, Resin Floor Screeds and Anti Slip Floor Coatings.

New Guard Coatings (North West), formerly Arcon Construction Supplies, is a long-established nationwide specialist distributor and stockist of a comprehensive range of concrete repair products, industrial floor paints, coatings, screeds, waterproofing, jointing and sealing products designed for all sectors of the construction, civil engineering, industrial, maintenance and facilities management sectors.

With over 35 years’ experience serving the construction industry we can offer cost effective solutions across a wide range of industry sectors and in numerous applications. We offer a vast range with over 1000 products from leading international manufacturers.

Our technical advisors are available to give detailed technical advice, help with product selection and product application advice. Contact us by phone on +44(0)1925 852225, by email or via our contact form (in the left hand column of this website).

We deal with specifiers, buyers and applicators. Our customers include Facilities Managers, Asset Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Building Surveyors, Builders, Contractors, Landscapers, Groundworkers and Specifiers to name just a few. Select from the Users menu on the top bar of this page to find user- specific information.

An extensive product list complete with technical data sheets and safety data sheets can be found by clicking on the Product List menu on the top bar of this page. It includes cement-based products, epoxy repair mortars, grouts, anchoring and fixing materials, polyurethane resins, pointing and jointing, resin floor finishes, paints, coatings and screeds.

We supply products for a huge variety of repair, maintenance and construction applications such as baseplate grouting, basement waterproofing, crack injection, façade sealing, movement / expansion jointing, industrial screeding, concrete sealing, floor levelling, machine grouting, anchor fixing, paving jointing and the list goes on.

Arcon Construction Supplies can help you to solve your construction and maintenance problems simply, within an affordable budget.

Concrete Repair System Products

A comprehensive range of products for all floor, concrete hard-standings, yards and structural repairs. Our range of concrete repair products includes primers, cement and resin based systems to reinstate all forms of defective concrete. Click here for more about our Concrete Repair Products

Non-Shrink Grouts

From simple void filling to precision engineering applications we have a vast range of non-shrink and shrinkage compensating grouting, anchoring and fixing products to meet every situation. Click here for more about our Non-Shrink Grouts

Epoxy Resin Repair Mortars

For floor repairs in sensitive situations such as, movement joints, steps, impact zones and areas subject to aggressive chemical attack. Click here for more about our Epoxy Resin Repair Mortars

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Basement waterproofing solutions for leak sealing and below ground structures. Applications include property renovations, garage waterproofing and swimming pool refurbishment. Click here for more about our Basement Waterproofing Systems

Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing Products

Diverse systems from anchor bolt fixing to high vibration machine grouting. Click here for more about our Grouting, Anchoring and Fixing Products

Epoxy Resin Grouts

A range of resin products offering high strength, exceptional bond characteristics, and demanding dynamic loading installations. Click here for more about our Epoxy Resin Grouts

Industrial Joint Sealant & Adhesives

A range of general joint fillers and sealants, internal/external expansion joint sealants and intumescent systems. Click here for more about our Industrial Joint Sealant & Adhesives

Polyurethane Resin Flooring Paints, Coatings & Screeds

A range of resin screeds and covings ideal for new floor installations and refurbishments for food and beverage related industries. They resist aggressive detergents and steam cleaning. Click here for more about our Polyurethane Resin Flooring Paints, Coatings & Screeds

Epoxy Resin Flooring Paints, Coatings & Screeds

Decorative and durable epoxy resin screeds for industrial environments ranging from gloss levelling screeds to highly abrasive resistant resurfacing systems. Click here for more about our Epoxy Resin Flooring Paints, Coatings & Screeds

Anti Slip Floor Coatings

The range of anti-slip floor coating systems provide durable, attractive finishes for some of the most demanding of commercial and industrial environments. Ideal for health and safety conscious commercial and industrial environments. Reducing slips, trips and falls in the workplace and public areas. Click here for more about our Anti Slip Floor Coatings

Contact us for advice on:

Structural Concrete Repair

If you have damaged concrete structures in need of refurbishment and protection.

Floor, Stairs, Steps & Trip Hazard Repair

If you have damaged concrete floors, steps, stairs and potholes.

Waterproofing Solutions

If you need waterproofing solutions to above and below ground structures or leaking basements.

Non-Shrink Grouting & Fixing

If you need baseplate grouting, levelling, fixing, repositioning plant or machinery.

Installing New or Refurbishing Resin Floor Paints, Coatings & Screeds

If you need help selecting products and advice on specifications, application, repairs, new floor finishes, anti-slip floor surfaces, industrial, hygienic, food safe and chemically resistant resin floor paints, coatings and screeds.

WHY DEAL WITH US? - You may have problems with your factory / warehouse floor, structural repair or maintenance issues. We offer the best of free independent technical advice and respond to all enquiries immediately. We offer a vast range with over 1000 products from leading international manufacturers. We can solve all your construction and maintenance problems simply, within an affordable budget.

ALL OUR PRODUCTS - are made to the highest standards by leading manufacturers. All products are supplied with full instructions for use and health and safety requirements. Products meet BS, Dtp, Wrc, DWI, Agrément specifications where applicable.

We are pleased to work with the following suppliers

Industrial Flooring | Concrete Repairs | Protective and Waterproof Coatings | Jointing and Paving Mortars | Emaco® Nanocrete | Anti-slip Floor Paints and Hygienic Coatings | Concrete Repair Mortars | Fast Setting Highway, Motorway and Road Repair Products | European Standard EN1504

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