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Waterproofing & Tanking Slurries Paints & Coatings


Liquid-applied brush-on (and spray or roller, see specific products arcon-below-ground-foundation-wall-waterproofingadvice below) waterproofing and tanking membranes for masonry, including brickwork, blockwork and stone, concrete, cementitious screeds for interior and exterior use.

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cement-based waterproofing and tanking slurries

Febtank Super - A cementitious slurry applied tanking and waterproofing coating. Resists positive and negative water pressure, can be used above and below ground, both internally and externally. Easy to use. Bagged powder mixed with clean water on site. Used for waterproofing basements and cellars, water reservoir structures, foundations, tunnels, wetrooms / bathrooms / walk-in showers / shower rooms.   

Thoroseal Super - A cementitious slurry applied tanking and waterproofing coating. 

Eproseal - A cement-based waterproofing coating applied by brush, roller or spray to concrete and brick substrates.  Uses include tanking of basements, foundations and retaining walls. It can be used for the sealing of tanks, ducts, structures and lining storage tanks even when they supply potable water.

Tecroflex - A two-part cementitious waterproofing compound. It is hand-applied by brush or roller and drys to become a highly flexible waterproof membrane, which is capable of bridging fine cracks and accommodating some movement of the substrate. Used for waterproofing lift shafts, pile caps, basement tanking, car parks, underground structures, dock works and bund walls.  It provides a waterproof protective coating for brickwork, blockwork and concrete.  It adheres to most common building materials.  It is waterproof and vapour permeable.

Renderoc ST05 - A polymer modified cementitious protective coating / mortar for masonry and concrete structures against moisture, water ingress, positive/negative water pressure, groundwater, and certain acids and chemicals. It can be left facefaired or overcoated depending upon application requirements and can acts as both a carbonation and chlorine barrier.  Renderoc ST05 can be used for walls, floors, ceilings, cellar / basement walls, structures, swimming pools, concrete slabs, marine structures and potable water tanks (WRAS Approved Material, check conditions). It can be applied from 0-5mm using a brush or trowel.

liquid-applied bitumen waterproofing and tanking coatings

Nuproof - A bituminous rubberised coating with inbuilt flexibility and excellent adhesion to common building materials, including asphalt. It can be used as a water-proof membrane below concrete floor screeds and below roof screeds; and can be used to repair defective concrete and asphalt roofs.  It also be used for waterproofing on bridge abutments and below ground walls prior to backfilling. Nuproof is robust and durable and will not puncture during backfilling.  It can also be used on internal wall surfaces to mitigate rising damp.

Blackjack Bitumen Emulsion - A rubber enriched bitumen emulsion ready-to-use cold straight from the tin. It can be used for waterproofing bridge abutments, retaining walls, culverts, concrete foundations, brick foundations, external walls, internal walls and floors. It can be applied to brick, plaster, blockwork, concrete, fibre cement and other common building materials.


Epigard is a high build epoxy resin waterproof membrane coating arcon_nufins_epigardthat has inherent flexibility and excellent adhesion to concrete and steel. It has excellent resistance to water and chemical attack from a wide range of chemicals. Ideal for heavy duty industrial, chemical, agricultural and waste processing. It provides protection from sewage effluent, agricultural slurry and treatment chemicals. Epigard can be used on storage tanks, silos, structures in water treatment plants, abutment walls, drainage channels and similar. Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray with no primers required. Suitable for above and below ground applications. Low odour, inert and non-hazardous. 


Uradeck BC - fast cure polyurethane resin waterproof coating with inherent flexibility even at low temperatures, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Uradeck BC can be used as a waterproof coating for bunds, silos and tanks. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and asphalt. A primer coat is required for application to steel. For waterproofing purposes apply with a brush or squeegee at 1-2mm thick. 

trowel-applied waterproofing and tanking renders

Natcem 35 is a modified natural cement based product that can be trowel applied as a tanking render at 10mm or greater to provide permanent waterproofing to a structure. It is approved for use in public water supplies it can be used on structures such as concrete water tanks, ponds, silage pits, farm use where in contact with water, livestock and food crops. 

Renderoc ST05 - see description above, can be applied at up to 5mm with a trowel.



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