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Waterproofing & Tanking

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Waterproofing & TANKING


There are three main categories we focus on in waterproofing:

  • Tanking, waterproof coatings and renders
  • Swellable water bars 
  • Water stopping or plugging


We supply products and materials for both positive and negative pressure situations.  Where the waterproofing or tanking is applied to the water-side of the substrate, i.e. where the hydro static pressure of the water is pushing the tanking on to the substrate.  Negative pressure is where the hydrostatic pressure of the water is pushing the tanking away from the substrate.

We supply a range of coatings that are BBA approved, are easy to mix, easy to apply, have high bond strengths, are suitable for interior and exterior use. We also supply sheet materials. 

causes and fixes of leaking cellars and basements below-ground-slurry-applied-waterprooferarcon liquid applied DPMs & SealersWaterproof membranes rolls & sheetsPlugging / stopping / blocking leaks in walls, structures, tunnels and pipes

Swellable water bars

Swellable waterstops are important for integral sealing and waterproofing construction joints in cast in situ structural-waterproofing-water-bar-rebar-in-situ-concreteand precast concrete structures.  They are covenient and solve problems in situations where conventional waterbar would require complex shuttering.


  • Easy to install
  • Swelling properties not affected by long-term wet and dry cycles
  • Creates watertight construction joints 
  • Solves detailing problems 
  • Tolerant of salts in concrete and groundwater
  • High final compressive strength
  • Easy integration between PVC, elastomer strips & gun-grade waterbar / waterstops


Integral sealing for cast in situ concrete construction joints; reservoirs, water towers, sewerage tanks & bunded areas; Secant piled and diaphragm walled basements; detailing around pile caps, pipe entries and kicker plates; dams, culverts, canals & waterways; swimming pools; roof decks, basements & under-ground car parks; and casting against old concrete.

arcon swellable waterbar & waterstop

Water stopping & water plugging

Water stopping and plugging products can be used to plug live leaks and water flowing through concrete and masonry building structures.  These cementitious materials are ultra-rapid setting and expand to form a watertight seal in the joint, hole or crack.  They can stop water leaking under pressure through joints, cracks and holes as well as water seepage. 


  • Can be used even when water is flowing 
  • Can be used underwater
  • Mixed with water
  • Creates a permanent water-tight seal
  • Sets rapidly within minutes

APPLICATIONS: Instant sewer connections.  Sealing leaking joints, holes or cracks in basements and cellars.  reservoirs ponds swimming pools tanks and other water retaining structures.  Filling joints in brick and concrete tunnels, culverts, pipes, mines and other subsoil structures.  For rapid anchoring of railings, bolts, equipment, pipes etc. particularly in wet situations.

water stopping / water plugging

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