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Waterproofing for subterranean / below ground and water retaining / water containing structures at construction joints and movement joints (also referred to as expansion joints or contraction joints). Profiled PVC and swellable waterstops are important for integral sealing of construction joints and movement joints in concrete cast in-situ.

The swellable hydrophilic waterbars / waterstops are easy to install and good for problem solving in situations where a conventional waterstop would require complex shuttering. As their description suggests they swell when water comes into contact with it. So if the water bar is placed in the centre of a construction joint, if water begins to track through the joint and gets as far as the centre, the waterbar swells upon contact pushing against the concrete, preventing the water from travelling any further. Typical uses include concrete basement structures, secant piled and diaphragm walled basements, pile caps and casting against old concrete. Swellable waterstops can provide simple solutions to detailing pipe entries, construction joints in the vertical plane and to kicker joints. They can be linked to flexible PVC waterstops and swellable hydrophilic sealant to give an appropriate effective combination of waterstops to maintain network continuity in waterproof concrete construction.

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The video below demonstrates the placing and function of swellable waterbars, in this case the SikaSwell suite of products:







Supercast PVC Waterbars preformed integral or exterior waterbar designed to eliminate water ingress at construction joints. For use in basement / below-ground concrete structures, water retaining / containing structures such as reservoirs, water towers, sewage tanks and bunded areas. Supercast PVC Waterbars come in a variety of different profiles, and have surfaced-fixed as well as centrally placed options.  For the most demanding of applications Supercast PVC Twinstop profiles combine hydrophilic swellable insert strips into the PVC profiles for maximum protection. Linear strips of Supercast PVC can be welded together on site with pre-formed junction pieces to ensure continuity around the entire structure. They can be used for both construction joint and movement joint (expansion or contraction joint) details.  

Supercast PVC Waterstop       Waterstop_Supercast_PVC_surface-fixedWaterstop_Supercast_PVC_junction_pieces


Supercast SW easy to install by adhesive bonding, masonry nailing or casting into joint faces. Solves detailing problems in conjunction with Supercast PVC waterstops. Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling. Supercast SW-10

Supercast SW10 Swellable Hydrophilic WaterstopSupercast SW20 Swellable Hydrophilic WaterstopSupercast SW30 Swellable Hydrophilic Waterstop

Supercast SW installation into concrete wall with 1-layer of rebar Supercast SW installation into concrete wall with 2-layers of rebar
Supercast SWX a grey, elastomeric water-swellable gun applied paste. The swelling action of the Supercast SW range results in water tight construction joints.
Supercast_SWX_hydrophilic_swellable_sealantGun-grade swellable / hydrophilic sealant

sikaswell water-stopping product range:

SikaSwell A, SikaSwell P, SikaSwell S-2, swellable waterproof sealants and strips

SikaSwell S-2 is a single part hydrophilic swellable polyurethane sealant that can either be used to seal waterproof structures in its own right or as an adhesive to fix SikaSwell waterbar profiles. Easy to install, economical, able to overcome problematic or complicated construction detailing. Uses include sealing pipework, steelwork and cable duct penetrations through concrete floor slabs and walls to prevent water ingress, waterproofing construction joints, movement joints (inc expansion joints) and joints in ducts.

SikaSwell A are swellable acrylic pre-form strips and rings that come in a variety of different profiles. The seals swell in contact with both potable water and salt water, and is resistant to a variety of chemicals. Long-term reliability tested. Suitable for construction joints in pre-cast concrete and cast in situ concrete. It is also suitable for waterproof sealing at penetrations through concrete walls and slabs by steelwork, columns, beams, stanchions, ducts, pipes, drainage runs etc.

SikaSwell P are also swellable joint sealing profiles, see data sheet for further information.

NatCem Waterbar

NatCem NATSEAL is a bentonite and butyl rubber expanding hydrophilic waterbar strip. It swells when in contact with water to create a watertight seal to prevent water penetration or infiltration through voids and cracks. Due to the rubber in the material it can withstand up to 48 hrs in contact with water and rainfall if the concrete pour is delayed for any reason.







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