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Yellow floor paint for factories, warehouses and workshops

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Yellow floor paints for factories, warehouses and workshops

Yellow resin paints, line marking paints, self-smoothing coatings and screeds

Arcon supply a wide range of yellow floor paints coatings and screeds. Choosing the right one for your space will depend upon:

Yellow epoxy resin floor paint in engineering shop floor

  • your budget
  • amount, frequency and type of traffic
  • how long you need it to last for
  • cleaning regime
  • slip-resistance, is the floor never, frequently or always wet
  • resistance to chemicals that might come into contact with the floor surface

Yellow resin floor paints

Our range of resin floor paints are suitable for industrial applications. They are all come as two parts, a base and a hardener, which are mixed together and applied to the floor surface usually by brush or roller. Good preparation is the key to getting maximum performance from your floor coating. Ensure the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, petrol and all other chemicals. Repair any defective concrete, cracks, potholes or broken edges, floor paint will not hide these defects.  Diamond grinding the surface of the concrete floor and ensuring all the dust from this process is removed will provide an excellent key for the floor paint. ALWAYS read the technical data sheet for the materials and familiarise yourself with the information, if you are not sure about any aspect of the process, call us to discuss on 01925 85 2225.

Resuseal VF is an epoxy resin coloured concrete floor sealer and coloured coating suitable for factories, food processing and most concrete floors in most general industrial units.  It is hygienic, solvent-free and ultra-low in VOCs, so will not taint. Resuseal VF has good abrasion resistance and can last in excess of 3 years if applied properly. It is available in satin/ gloss/ matt finishes. Yellow colour reference SAVANAH. Ferfa Type 1 

Pumaseal PC is a polyurethane resin coloured concrete floor sealer and coating suitable for industrial units with light duty traffic. On old concrete it penetrates the surfaces and acts as a binder as well as a sealer.  It is flexible and abrasion resistant. Pumaseal PC contains solvents and should only be applied in well ventilated spaces and should not be used in near food produce. Ferfa Type 1

Pumacoat WD is an solvent-free epoxy resin floor coating suitable for food and beverage processing units, warehouses and industrial units. It provides a tough, durable floor finish for areas subjected to pedestrian and light duty vehicle traffic. Pumacoat WD has a semi-gloss / silk finish. Ferfa Type 2

Elladur SF is an extremely FAST DRYING /CURING high-performance polyaspartic resin floor coating. It is solvent-free, low in VOCs and non-tainting. Elladur is suitable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where a high-build fast curing coating is required. Yellow colour reference SAVANAH. Ferfa Type 2/3


Safe walking routes, crossing points, AVG / forklift routes, HGV routes and safe working distance demarcation zones can all be created using the safety line marking paints listed below. These markings can be applied to existing concrete floors and existing coated surfaces subject to the correct preparaton. 

Resucoat LM (formerly Resuline) is a high-build epoxy coating formulated specifically for creating line markings, hatching and hazard warning logos. It is solvent free with low VOCs and is suitable for use in factories, warehouses, garages, workshops, aircraft hangars, plant rooms and food preparation / processing facilities. Resucoat LM can last over 4 years if applied correctly. Ferfa Type 3

Elladur LM is a FAST DRYING / RAPID CURING high-performance polyaspartic resin coating developed specifically for line marking applications. Solvent free with ultra low VOCs it can be used in the vicinity of food and drinks manufacture. Non-tainting, food safe, low odour. Fast turnaround time, providing a significant reduction in downtime. Yellow colour reference SAVANAH. Ferfa Type 2/3. 






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