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Ultra-High Strength Wind Farm Grout


The construction and operation of wind farms pose particular engineering challenges that sometimes require unique solutions.  We carry a number of products that have been developed for the wind power industry in response to challenges such as:

  • ultra high strengths need to be achieved quickly to hold fixings in place and structures upright in both construction and operation
  • very high compressive loads - due to the weight and size of structures and mechanics
  • large scale moving structures - the rotation of the blades and turbines exert dynamic and repetitive loads on the fixings
  • grouts must be pumpable over long distance and large height differences
  • grouting locations are often difficult to access
  • coastal and off-shore installations need to be protected from seawater attack
  • low temperatures and harsh weather conditions

Off-shore wind farm installation 100 Newton Grout

The following ultra high strength grouts have been developed specifically for use on wind turbine applications:

100 Newton Grout

100 N Grout comes in an anti-washout grade as well as normal grade, for use in off-shore and even underwater situations.  As its name suggests, it can achieve up to an impressive 100 N/mm² final compressive strength.   It gives exceptional structural support and vibration resistance.  It has shrinkage compensation in both plastic and hardened states and is a true non-shrink grout.  The grout is highly flowable with the additional of minimal water.

100 Newton Grout is a cement-based grout with specially selected aggregates and admixtures and only requires the addition of water onsite for application.

SikaGrout 3200

This high performance precision grout has been design to be used on both pre-cast and steel wind towers to grout horizontal and vertical joints, anchoring of reinforced bars, and under base plate grouting.   It provides high early strength and ultra high final compressive strengths.  It has been fatigue tested and certified.   It can be applied either manually poured or pumped for larger installations.

SikaGrout 3200 is a cement-based grout with specially selected aggregates and admixtures and only requires the addition of water onsite for application.


Conbextra BB92 

An ultra-high performance cementitous grout design for on-shore conbextra bb92 wind turbine foundation structural groutingstructural connections for wind turbine foundations and segmental concrete wind towers, as well as gas and oil installations. It can also be used for non-structural connections off-shore. 

It does not contain fibres, giving it enhanced flow-charcteristics, enabling pumping or pouring over a wide range of applications.



Windmill installations generally:

  • steel wind towers base plate grouting
  • high strength bolt-hole grouting
  • strutural grouting for on-shore wind farms / wind turbines foundations 
  • pre-cast concrete wind tower grouting
  • grouting anchor bolts of wind towers
  • void filling where ultra strength is required  
  • grouting vibrating machinery bed plates
  • grouting stanchion bases
  • fixing ground anchors
  • grouting in generators

100 Newton Grout AW:

  • off-shore structure repairs
  • off-shore pile / sleeve connections 
  • underwater grouting projects

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For large projects where extreme constraints exist we can help with the process of modifying formulations to overcome specific problems, such as workability times, pumping distances, extreme application temperatures, etc.  

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