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warehouse floor paint


Warehouse floors and yards must withstand increasingly heavy traffic, from trolleys, forklift trucks and other vehicles. The use of automated guided vehicle systems (AVGS) add to the challenges by tracking the same route over and over, wearing away the same area of floor time after time.  Nylon-wheeled trolleys and equipment are also particularly damaging, sometimes transferring heavy loads through their hard relatively narrow wheels. Bare concrete or normal sand/cement screeded floors will not stand up to this type of traffic and will begin to dust and wear down into grooves and bowls. Uneven floors are a big issue for forklift trucks, especially high reach and very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks, they can damage the trucks and destabilize them leading to costly bills and health and safety concerns.  

Concrete and screeded floors can be protected by applying something that might be generically referred to as 'floor paint', 'concrete floor paint', or 'warehouse floor paint'.  These terms might refer to a multitude of different types of sealers, paints, coatings and screeds that provide different levels of protection in different situations.  


Warehouse floor and wall seal - sealer and dustproofer

If left totally untreated, concrete floors 'dust', fine particles from the concrete break-off and causing issues with cleanliness and contamination. Sealing your concrete warehouse floor offers a basic protection from dusting, for this reason it is often described as a 'dust-proofer'. Industrial grade products will give protection for warehouse floors by providing a tough durable resistance to abrasion from pedestrians and light vehicle traffic. Warehouse floor sealer. For warehouse floors that are already badly dusting, weak and friable you will need a sealer binder that will stabilize and treat the floor.  Pumabind is a two-part low viscosity epoxy resin binder that can be applied to sand cement screeds and concrete warehouse floors to strengthen and improve dusting weak floor surfaces. 


Very basic one-part resin floor coatings are probably the closest match to the description 'floor paint'. These types of coatings are one-component, i.e. they can be used straight out of the tin, in a similar way to conventional wall paints. They are at the cheapest end of the scale for industrial floor coatings but they are best applied in light-duty areas. Basic Floor Paint is suitable for light traffic and occasional forklift trucks, scissor lifts, MEWPS and similar. Primarily for use in workshops, domestic garages, showrooms and storerooms. It comes in grey or red. Another more expensive option is Resucryl WB, which can be used internally or externally, it can be applied to concrete, screeds, timber and asphalt. It also comes in a slip-resistant (SR) grade that can be applied to walkways, steps, ramps and decks. It is easy to apply and easy to re-apply when surface begins to wear.


Economical warehouse floor paint - hard wearing coating

Applying a basic two-part epoxy resin coating to your warehouse floor will make it easier to clean and substantially more resistant to forklifts, light-duty chemicals, fuel and lubricants. These coatings are now water-based (solvent free) making them safer to apply and non-tainting without compromising drying times and long-term durability. Products include Pumacoat WD and Resuseal WB


Warehouse floor paint - high build coatings

High build resin coatings are an ideal floor finish for warehouses. On the surface, they might look like any other warehouse floor paint, but as the 'high build' description suggests it is much thicker than a standard paint or coating. They are more resistant to abrasion, more durable and have good resistance to chemicals such as petrol, diesel and oil. They provide a non-dusting, tough, hard-wearing protective floor finish and are still easy to clean and maintain. While more basic floor finishes might initially be cheaper, the performance of high-build coatings is longer-lasting making them a highly cost-effective warehouse floor finish if maintenance costs are also factored in. They can resist light to heavy duty trafficking depending upon the specific product and thickness applied. Application is safe, they are solvent-free, low odour and non-tainting. Resucoat HB is an extremely hardwearing heavy duty high build coating with excellent abrasion resistance. It can be applied to concrete, traditional sand/cement screeds and certain types of asphalt, and gives an excellent high gloss finish with good colour stability. It comes in a good range of standard colours, see colour chart, which can be used for demarcation of pedestrian routes, safe zones, crossing points etc. (also see line marking below). It can be manufactured to other colours, e.g. to suit branding, on request.  Pumashield is ideal for warehouse floors and other areas subject to pedestrian and medium duty vehicular traffic. Pumatect is suitable for regular foot traffic, light duty forklift truck traffic and occasional hard plastic wheeled trolleys. Standard colours for both Pumatect and Pumashield can be seen on colour chart, other colours can be manufactured on request. For excellent durability and very fast drying / rapid curing high build floor coatings Elladur SF is the best choice. Solvent free, low odour and low VOC Elladur dries rapidly limiting downtime of operations. Ideal if you only have a small window of time to carry out maintenance works.


Line marking paints for warehouses

Line markings in warehouses can be extremely useful in warehouses to demark racking zones, pedestrian routes, AVG routes, safe zones, forklift only entrances, hazard warnings etc. Again, the term 'paint' might be used to describe resin coatings and high-build coatings. Our line-marking 'paints' are high build coatings with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Resucoat LM (formerly called Resuline) can be used in conjunction with Resuseal WB or Resucoat HB to create coloured zones and routeways on warehouse floors. Standard colours include white and poppy red as well as those shown on colour chart. It requires just a single coat application, is low-odour, dries quickly and is chemically resistant. It dries with a smooth gloss finish but glass beads or clear aggregate can be added as a surface dressing if required. For low odour non-solvent ultra fast drying industrial linemarking paint use Elladur LM which allows line marking jobs to be carried out in very short timescales.


non-slip resin warehouse floor paint

The slip-resistance of all products listed above can be increased by incorporating an aggregate. There are different types of aggregate, different grades and different ways of incorporating it. Different types of aggregate have different material characteristics such as appearance and compressive strength.  The compressive strength requirements for the aggregate will be determined by the type, frequency and weight of traffic over the surface being coated - the heavier the traffic the greater compressive strength required. Most aggregates come in a fine or coarse grade, which is generally a description of particle size, with coarser grades giving greater slip-resistance. In general, the more frequently a surface might be wet (from spillages, cleaning, weather etc.) the greater the slip-resistance required. However, the coarser grade aggregates make the floor harder to clean, especially the more densely they are laid, so it is important to strike a balance. When incorporating an aggregate, it might be broadcast over the topcoat whilst it is still wet, back-rolled, incorporated at mixing stage, or encapsulated in between coats. The best method will depend upon the specific floor coating product, weight/type/frequency of traffic, and slip-resistance requirements. We can help advise you of the most suitable aggregate for your project and the best method of application.


Coloured expansion joint sealant for warehouses

Most warehouse floors will be made-up of several concrete slabs with narrow gaps in between. The gaps facilitate movement, both expansion and contraction of the slabs relative to one-another, but are often just referred to as expansion joints. When painting, coating or screeding a warehouse floor, it is important not to paint over these joints. If you do, then you are likely to see cracking appear in the floor finish along the path of the joint caused by ongoing movement.  It is best to protect the floor joint with a board during application of the new floor finish then apply a colour-match resin joint sealant such as Epoflex VJ (formerly called Resujoint P and Resujoint V) similarly Pumexpand P and Pumexpand V are available for vertical joints. Where the edges of the concrete floor slabs have been damaged, which can lead to a trip hazard and/or cause damage forklift trucks, an arriss repair material such as Pumaintain Joint Repair can be used.


Chemically resistant warehouse floor finishes

For general warehousing purposes you shouldn't need a floor finish above and beyond a high build epoxy resin coating.  However, we also supply a wide range of specialist coatings, flowable resin flooring and resin floor screeds.  For resistance to certain chemicals and/or high temperatures a polyurethane coating might be more appropriate. For certain chemicals in high concentrations a flowable resin or screed might be the best solution. Similarly, for floors experiencing impacts or gouging a screed could be the best option. We also supply coatings for outdoor areas, goods yards and service yards, which might be of interest - see the image links below or call us on 01925852225 to discuss your requirements. 

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