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BS 7533 Compliant Mortar Paving Systems

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BS 7533 Compliant Mortar Paving Systems


BS 7533 is the code of practice for rigid and flexible paving systems published by the British Standards Institute. It sets out best practice for laying and product types to minimise risk of a paving system failing. Look for systems that have been independently tested by UKAS.  The reason for choosing a "system" is that all of the materials in the system have been tested in conjunction with one another. Substituting any single material with another that is not part of the system, will create a build-up that has not been tested and therefore is not proven to meet BS 7533.

BS 7533 type paving build-ups have been shown to last up to and exceeding 40 years.  So although a compliant system may cost more at the outset, the whole life-cycle cost will be less than a non-compliant system which may fail, need more maintenance and need replacing sooner than a compliant system.

We can supply one of two different BS 7533 compliant rigid paving systems. 


 Ultrascape Paving System

This system is only suitable for bound/rigid construction, not for unbound/ flexible applications. It has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of BS 7533.  It is suitable for large-scale heavy duty applications such as public realm town centre shared surfaces, pedestrian schemes, roads / carriageways, footpaths and cycleways.  It is equally suitable for small and domestic projects. Materials are available in 20/25kg bags or silos if required.  Areas can be trafficked after a surprisingly short time - see data sheet links below.


It is imperative that there is no settlement, contraction, heave or other movement. The depth, build-up and any reinforcement of the substrate must reflect the type of traffic the paving is to receive.  Roadways will require a subgrade, sub-base, roadbase build-up, again specified to meet traffic requirements. The subgrade will need to be tested to ensure it has the right bearing capacity. An example build-up is a MOT type 1 (DOT type 1/DTP Type 1) capping layer is laid on top of the subgrade, followed by a roadbase/sub-base of dense macadam or C30/C40 concrete.


Primer is first applied to the substrate before laying the bedding mortar to enhance the bond between  - product Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer the slurry is brush applied to give a 1-2mm coating.


Fine bedding concrete made to meet and exceed BS 7533 to provide a bound base for most stone, clay and concrete paving types. It is laid from 10-75mm, or even more if built up in successive layers.  It is available in two variations Pro-Bed HS Fine Bedding Concrete or Pro-Bed HS ECO Fine Bedding Concrete Both provide BS 7533 compliance but the Pro-Bed HS ECO contains 20% recycled material. 


To comply with BS 7533 Pro-prime Slurry Primer must be applied to the underside of the paving to improve the bond between the paving and the bedding mortar. It provides exceptional bond strength between the bedding mortar and almost all stone, clay and concrete paving types.


The are two different compatible jointing product ranges that can be used for the Ultrascape paving system that both achieve and exceed BS 7533. Flowpoint is a range of flowable grouts, whereas Cempoint is a gun-applied / gun-injected jointing mortar. The most commonly used Flowpoint is the standard Flowpoint Rapid Set Grout but Flowpoint ECO Rapid Set Grout and Flowpoint Smooth Rapid Set Grout is also available.  

For edge details see Resi-Bed Resinous Mortar



Parex paving system

PAREX Streetscape is a complete range of products with more specialised performance for different scenarios, but still designed to meet BS 7533 requirements.  Again they can be used on both large and small scale projects with materials available in silos, bulk bags and 20/25kg bags.

BASE: As with the Ultracrete system it is crucial that the substrate is designed to meeting the type and frequency of traffic the paved area is likely to experience; this includes any emergency vehicles and fire tenders that might use the paved area for access however infrequently.  The paving system can fail if there is any settlement, heave or other movement in the substrate. 


Apply PAREX Bond Plus priming mortar mixed as a scrub-coat to the underlying roadbase substrate prior to laying the bedding mortar to improve bonding and adhesion. 


One of three PAREX Streetscape bedding mortars can be used as part of a BS 7533 compliant paving system. PAREX Fine Bedding Concrete  (PAREX FBC Mortar) bedding mortar for natural stone, paving units and setts. PAREX Fine Bedding Concrete Eco (PAREX FBC-Eco) bedding mortar has the same high performance as the regular FBC Mortar but with 20% recycled materials reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption during manufacture.  For demanding loading situations, PAREX Fine Bedding Concrete RS (PAREX FBC-RS) is a rapid-set high-strength polymer reinforced bedding mortar specifically designed to comply with BS 7533 when used as part of the PAREX Streetscape System.  It is used where the paving is subjected to particularly demanding traffic loading such as ramps and speed bumps and / or where the is only a small window of opportunity to carry out works before an area needs to become operational again. It can receive pedestrian traffic after 10 hours and vehicles after just 24 hours. 


Apply PAREX Bond Plus priming mortar to the underside of natural stone slabs, setts and paving units for exceptional adhesion and bonding to the bedding mortar achieving BS 7533 as a complete paving system.  It can be mixed as a scrub-coat slurry for brush application or as a trowel applied primer. 


PAREX Granatech is a flowable slurry jointing mortar ideal and economical for large areas. It is suitable for all common hard landscaping paving types, typically suitable for 5-25mm joint widths, call us on 01925852225 for use on wider joints. It can be applied quickly and easily. PAREX Granatech Eco offers the same high performance but with 20% recycled aggregates. Both are trafficable by pedestrians after 2 hours and vehicles after 6 hours. There is also a PAREX Granatech Smooth that has a finer aggregate. 

PAREX SettPoint a flowable jointing mortar ideal for jointing natural stone setts with 3-25+mm joint, even if the joints are irregular; and wide joints in natural stone flags. It can be slurry-applied SettPoint-Slurry Applied or joint applied SettPoint-Joint Applied



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