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Repairing, Protecting & Sealing Silage Clamps & Silage Pits

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Repairing, Protecting & Sealing Silage Clamps & Silage Pits

Concrete Repair Materials, Joint Sealants, Protective Coatings, Tanking and Waterproofing Materials

Silage pit repairs - joints, leaks, cracks, walls, floors

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heavy duty hard wearing epoxy repairs

Heavy duty epoxy resin repair

The walls and floors of silage pits and clamps have to endure impacts and abrasion from the teeth of buckets and forks hitting them or scraping across them. Inevitably this results in damage to the concrete slab, precast units and concrete/blockwork walls. Holes, pits, potholes, dents, scrapes, scratches and cracks appear, which if left untreated can grow, cause damage to wheeled vehicles going over them and allow silage chemicals to penetrate deeper and attack the concrete and steel reinforcement. While nothing will withstand constant scraping and impacts forever, epoxy resin repair mortars offer the highest degree of durability, with resistance to vibration, impact and abrasion, and excellent resistance to chemical attack. Products like Tufpatch FS are rapid curing compared to other epoxy repair mortars, giving high early compressive strength, enabling early trafficking and fast return to normal service.

protective waterproofing coating for silage pits

Chemical resistant protective waterproof coating for silage clamps

The chemicals in silage can be extremely corrosive to concrete and steel, applying chemically resistant protective coatings to silage pit walls and floors can increase the life of the structure. Preventing these chemicals from leaching out through blockwork or porous concrete and into the soil or watercourses is also a major concern. Coatings such as Epigard can be applied to walls and floors of silage pit providing waterproofing and chemical resistance. Epigard is a flexible high-build epoxy coating with good resistance to abrasion and excellent adhesion to concrete and steel. It can also be applied to drainage channels, bund walls, upstands, silos and tanks.

joint repairs and joint sealant for silage pits

Joint sealant / joint filler / joint repairs for silage clamps

Joint sealant for movement joint (expansion joints and contraction joint) and construction / day joints in silage clamps have to have good chemical resistance and a reasonable tolerance to movement as the pit is filled and emptied. Nitoseal PU12 Uniseal-170 Nitoseal MS600 Sikaflex Pro 3. Broken and crumbling concrete joint edges can be repaired using Pumaintain Joint Repair a rubber-modified polyurethane resin concrete. It provides excellent impact protection, durability and is designed for heavy traffic from wheeled vehicles.

plug / stop leaks in and out of silage pits

stopping / plugging leaks in silage clamps

Holes and gaps in concrete and masonry can be permanently blocked with ultra rapid setting repair mortars, even if the leak is live i.e. there is water or silage leachate coming through the hole at the time of applying the mortar. Febtank Waterplug is an anti-washout ultra rapid set water plugging repair mortar, which expands as it sets, ensuring a permanent watertight seal. It can be use to stop leaks by filling holes/gaps, construction joints, cracks, missing mortar joints, joints between pre-cast concrete segments, around pipe penetrations and drainage outlets etc. It can also be used to seal the junction between the base / floor of the pit and the walls by forming a continuous fillet along the junction.

waterstops / waterbars for cast in situ silage pit walls

waterstop waterbar for in-situ concrete in silage pits

Swellable waterbar (also called waterstop) can be used to seal joints between sections of cast in situ concrete. Without waterbar it is possible for liquids to leak through the joints between sections of concrete that have been cast at different times. During construction the waterbar is fixed to the sections of concrete already cast, e.g. the floor/base or wall sections, between the rebar that will take the next section. in the completed structure with the waterbar in place, when liquids try to penetrate the joint they will only get as far as the waterbar, the waterbar is hydrophilic and swells upon contact with liquid, sealing the joint and preventing the liquid from getting through any further. See Supercast SW10

waterproof tanking for outside of silage pit walls

external tanking coating for silage pits walls

Tanking to the outside of silage pit walls can be applied either during construction where the walls will be retaining or below ground on the outside face, or on walls with exposed external faces to stop silage leachate seeping through. Before the ground is backfilled, coat the outside of the wall with a tanking slurry like Febtank Super or Blackjack DPM Paint.

repairing cracks in concrete silage pit walls and bases

repairing cracks in silage pits walls and floors / bases

Arcon stock a variety of products that can repair cracks in concrete silage pit walls and floors / bases, call us on 01925 85 2225 to discuss the specific requirements of your project. Solutions will depend upon whether or not there is still structural movement, the width of the cracks, whether the cracks are on the vertical or horizontal plane. All materials will be non-shrink, chemically resistant and robust. 


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