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Repair materials for Canals, Rivers & Reservoirs

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Repair materials for Canals, Rivers & Reservoirs


Materials for leak-stopping, leak-preventing, mitigating water egress / ingress, void filling, sealing, coating and protecting structures associated with canals, rivers and reservoirs, such as walls, culverts, flood gates, flood barriers, locks, dams, spillways, channels, flumes, chutes, basins, weirs, sluices, pipelines, tunnels, ducts, shafts bridges, sewers, inlets and outlets.

leak plugging, Live water stopping grouts/mortars for water retaining structures

Renderoc Plugwater plugging / stopping leaks in rivers, canals and reservoir structures is a cement-based rapid-setting water stopping mortar used to patch repair structures and plug live water leaks. It is used for water stopping and patch repairs to tunnel segments, pipes, brick and concrete tunnel linings, mines, below ground access chambers, water retaining wall structures. It can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead situations. Renderoc Plug 1 sets in approximately 1 minute, and Renderoc Plug 20 sets in approximately 20 minutes.  Renderoc Plug 20 is approved for use in public water supplies and is BS6920 listed. No primer is required.

concrete repairs to river, canal and reservoir structures

NatCem35 is a polymer modified cementitious grout DWI approved for use in public water supplies. It can be used to repair concrete in structures in rivers, waterways and reservoir structures, horizontal vertical and overhead situations, and can even be used underwater. 

Renderoc ST05 is a cementitious levelling mortar and protective coating against water ingress, aggressive groundwater and certain chemicals. It can be used to fill imperfections, blow-holes, surface inconsistencies and acts as a carbonation and chloride barrier. Renderoc ST05 is WRAS approved material. It can be horizontal, vertical and overhead situations from 5mm to feather edged. It can be used in both passive and active water pressure situations.

Grouts for canal, rivers, waterways and reservoir structures

Nitofil EPLV is a low viscosity for fine crack repairs that can bond to wet substrates and can be used in contact with potable water. (not available in the UK, call us for alternatives on 01925852225)


Nitocoat CM210 is a flexible cementitious coating ideal for waterproofing water retaining structures and prevent water ingress to structures.   It is easy to apply and can resist both positive and negative hydrostatic pressures. 

Nitocoat EP405 is a high build solvent-free epoxy resin coating that can be applied to steel and concrete to line, protect and waterproof water retaining structures. The cured film is non-toxic meets the requirements of BS 6920, the WRAS tests of effect on water quality. It is suitable for tanks, silos, reservoirs, water treatment works and a variety of other applications.

Nitocoat EPSW is a flexible epoxy sulphide coating, approved in contact with potable water, tested to BS6920. It bonds well to a wide range of substrates an has a flexible with crack bridging ability up to 2.5 mm.  (not available in the UK, call us for alternatives on 01925852225)

NatCem 35 is a modified cementitious mortar that can be used as a waterproofing render to tank structures and prevent water ingress.  

sealants for canal, river, watercourses and reservoirs

Nitoseal MS600 is a single part civil engineering sealant widely used in the water industry. It is WRAS approved and Conforms to the Water Supply (water quality) Regulations 2000 and 2001 Regulations 31(4b) for products having a small surface area in contact with water for public supply. When applied it forms a tough elastic rubber seal that can accommodate both cyclic and continuous movement. Nitoseal MS600 can be used in locations that are rarely, intermittently or permanently immersed in water. It can also be applied to damp substrates and in cool conditions (>+5°C).

Uniseal 170 is a high performance single part polyurethane water industry sealant. It is a durable long lasting sealant for movement joints (both contraction and expansion joints) in structures. Suitable for use in service reservoirs and raw water storage tanks; WRAS approval BS 6920, EN 15651-1, EN 14188: part 2. Substrate to be primed with Uniseal Primer P2 prior to applying Uniseal 170. 

Thioflex 600 is a multi-component polysulphide sealant ideal for sealing joints in building and civil engineering structures particularly in and around reservoirs and water supply infrastructure. It conforms to British Standard BS 6920 :1996 (gun grade grey) - Water Regulations Advisory Service, and Drinking Water Inspectorate Regulation 25(1)b of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989.

Nitoseal PU12 is a two-part elastomeric polyurethane abrasion resistant joint sealant used in joints in raw water storage reservoirs and waste water treament plants.

PVC and swellable waterstops and waterbar for concrete joints

Hydrophilic waterstop for in-situ concrete to prevent water ingress and egress

Concrete structures such as retaining walls, tanks and tunnels have construction joints and movement joints (often referred to as expansion joints and contraction joints) that need the protection of a waterstop to prevent water transfer, ingress or egress, through the joints.  This is done by casting waterstop, or waterbar, in at construction phase (or when repairing sections). Waterstops can be impervious PVC or hydrophilic swellable.  Hydrophilic waterstops expand when they come into contact with water pushing out against the side of the joint and preventing water from passing through the joint. High quality hydrophilic waterstops are designed to expand and contract consistently through multiple wet/dry cycles throughout the lifetime of the structure giving long term performance. Swellable waterstops should not be used for movement joints.

Supercast PVC is a high performance impervious PVC manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit either centrally-placed or external face fixed applications. Junction and corner pieces come preformed and can be site-welded to linear strips to suit the specific structure. 

Supercast SW range comprises three preformed hydrophilic swellable waterstops Supercast SW10, Supercast SW20 and Supercast SW30; as well as Supercast SWX gun-applied paste and Supercast SW Adhesive.

Supercast Twinstop is a high performance impervious PVC profiles with swellable hydrophilic inserts for maximum protection. It is best applied to deep basement situations with high water tables.

Natseal is a sodium bentonite and butyl rubber expanding hydrophilic waterbar. Designed for continuous high performance reliable waterproofing with an unlimited lifespan while still being cost effective. It can be left for up to 48 hours exposed to rainfall and contact with water, if unavoidable, before the next section of concrete is poured.

Curing Compounds for Concrete Structures in Reservoirs and Potable Water Situations

Chemcure S is a concrete curing liquid WRA approved for use with potable/wholesome water.  Applied to newly laid horizontal concrete slabs and deck, and freshly struck vertical surfaces, it greatly reduces the instances of surface cracking and crazing associated with shrinkage during the curing process. It is ideally suited for on reservoir and other potable water structures. It is non-toxic, non-staining and easy to apply.  

Formwork release agents for work on reservoir and other clean water structures

Biolease Standard is an environmentally friendly concrete mold release Concrete formwork and mould release agents for use near watercourses  agent that is Approved by WRAS for use with potable/wholesome water. It is made with emulsified bio-degradable vegetable oil and is low odour, VOC free and easily biodegradable. Ideal for producing a high quality finish for general site applications and pre-cast yards.

Formstrike WB is an environmentally friendly concrete mould oil, also made from emulsified biodegradable oils, used to give shuttered concrete a high grade surface finish. It is VOC free, low odour and easy to apply. Formstrike WB has been tested and approved by WRA. 

Chemlease is a concrete chemical release agent that 'soaps' at the interface between mould/formwork and concrete. It enables the production of difficult features with uniform matt finish. Chemlease is ideal for use in precast or industrial operations where pre-stress or heated systems are involved. It is Approved by WRAS for use with potable/wholesome water.



Approved products for use in the UK public water supply system

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Construction and repair materials for Marine Environments   

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