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Repair materials, coatings and sealants for silos

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Repair materials, coatings and sealants for silos

Mortars, Concrete Repair Products, Joint Sealants, Protective Coatings and Waterproofing for Silos

Arcon supply a range of materials to repair, line, coat and seal silos and similar structures.

Concrete Repair Products for Silos

NatCem 35 is an extremely versatile natural cement material suitableRepair mortars for repairing damage to concrete silos for concrete repairs to silos, animal sheds, silage pits, farm yards, cess pits and other concrete agricultural structures. It has DWI regulation 31 approval for use in contact with potable water.  It can be used for overhead, horizontal and vertical patch repairs, floor repairs, pipe joints and benching, and general repairs - it can also be used as a waterproof render applied at 10mm thick. See also General Concrete Patch Repairs Page

Protective Coatings & Linings for Silos

Epigard is a waterproof two-part flexible high build epoxy resin with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. No primer required. Good abrasion resistance. Can be applied to steel or concrete. 

Sikagard 62 is an abrasion-resistant high-build epoxy resin coating with Coatings to protect corroding steel reinforcement in silos and pitsgood chemical resistance. Suitable as a lining for silos and bunds; as well as generally as an anti-corrosion coating to reinforced concrete, iron and steel on farms and other agricultural enterprises. It has DWI regulation 31 approval for use in contact with potable water.

Nitocote EP405 is a solvent-free epoxy resin used for coating and lining concrete structures such as silos.  It provides a non-toxic protective coating that resists corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. It can be applied to mild steel and concrete without the need for a primer.  It is available in either white or blue and meets the requirements of the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS). 

stopping water leaking through joints in silos

Supercast SWX is a hydrophilic swellable waterstop sealant for sealing problematic details such as sealing around pipe penetrations, steelwork penetrations, between concrete slabs or pre-cast concrete units. The SWX comes in foils and is applied with a foil gun / barrel gun.  The SWX is applied between two surfaces and when water comes into contact with it, the SWX expands / swells creating an even tighter seal between the two surfaces.  For further information see Waterbars and Waterstops Page

products to bridge cracks in silos

Sikadur Combiflex System comprises adhesives and a Sikadur Combiflex for joint repairs and crack bridging in silosproprietary elastic strip used to overband failed joint seals and bridge cracks.  It adheres to most common building materials and can be used in many different difficult situations, even when continued movement in the structure is anticipated.  The system has DWI approval for use in contact with potable water.


products to repair cracks in concrete silos

Arcon supply a number of injection resins, pouring grade resins, Resin injection system for hairline crack repairs in concretesealants and mortars that can be used to repair cracks in concrete structures.  For hairline cracks on either horizontal or vertical (depending upon the situation) a resin injection system is most appropriate, see Injection Resins Page

For wider cracks, where leakage is a problem - either from outside in or inside out - Feb Waterplug can be  applied to live leaks and sets within 3 minutes to seal the leak.  If a DWI approved product is required NatCem Waterstop can be used in a similar way.


Repair and maintenance materials for farms and agriculture

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