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Arcon Construction Supplies sell a variety of products to get your patio in tip top shape for summer and throughout the year. We sell to professionals and DIY-ers alike. Whether you are laying a new patio or refreshing and rejuvenating an old patio we have the products to help you.


Products to fill joints between all types of patio paving, stone setts, cobbles, crazy paving and block work. Critical factors in choosing the right material to fill the joints in your patio will depend upon:

  • The size of the joints between the patio flags / slabs / blocks /etc.  This includes the minimum and maximum gaps between the paving and the min/max depths of the joints
  • Whether you want to apply the jointing materials in wet or dry conditions, or if you do or don't have access to water in the location you are filling the patio joints.
  • Appearance - the colour and texture of the jointing material
  • Use - is the patio also used as a driveway or crossed by vehicles for access? Check that your choosen material can withstand these loads.
Brush-in patio joint filler easyjoint

EASYjoint is a self-curing permanent patio jointing material containing natural sand aggregate that is the size and texture of granulated sugar.  It is simple to install, ensure the joints are clear of any debris, wet the paving brush-in the material and wash down the paving with a hose. It comes in five colour options and can be used to fill joints from 3mm or gretaer. Excellent for applying in wet rainy conditions. See VIDEO 

Geofix patio joint filler

Geofix is a self-curing permanent dry brush-in patio joint filler, that does not require water.  Available in buff and mid-grey colour, it can be used to fill joints between paving of 5mm and wider. It is clean, fast and neat to apply with no staining on patio paving materials. It resists weed and plant growth, and it is tolerant of frost. It can be applied far faster than traditional cement mortar, especially for intricate and ornate patio paving. See VIDEO Geo-fix All Weather is also available for use in wet conditions.

Stone sett cobble patio joint filler

Settpoint is a cement-based product with silica sand aggregates and additives to provide shrinkage compensation, flowability and enhanced appearance. It can be used on joint gaps between 10mm and 50mm wide, and joint depths of upto 150mm.  

Flowpoint patio joint grout

Flowpoint is a rapid set mortar for filling paving joints. It comes in powder form and is mixed with clean water to form a slurry.  The paving is first saturated with water then the slurry is swept/squeegeed over and into the paving joints.  See VIDEO


Products to seal existing patio paving and jointing materials.

Stone and block patio sealer


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