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Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Resin Anchor Grout and Repair Mortars

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Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Resin Anchor Grout

high performance grouts for anchoring, fixing, under-grouting steel baseplates and bedding in damp conditions

Most epoxy resin grouts are not moisture tolerant, but in certain situations it is not possible to get the substrate completely dry. In these instances, it is imperative that you select a product that is tolerant to moisture. It is important to differentiate between products that can be applied to a damp substrate and products than can be applied in wet or underwater conditions - refer to the product's technical data sheet for the correct substrate condition.

Sikadur 31 CF Rapid is a fast setting moisture tolerant thixotropic epoxy adhesive and repair mortar.  It achieves an excellent bond strength to most common building materials such as concrete, natural stone, glass, wood, ceramics, asphalt, steel and other metals. Its thixotropic nature means it will not sag when applied to vertical and overhead surfaces. Can be used to repair corners and edges, cracks, holes and voids.

Sikadur 33 is an epoxy resin anchor grout that can be applied to a mat dry substrate. It can be used as a structural adhesive, concrete repair, crack repair and to anchor / fix a wide variety of building elements.  It has excellent bond strength to most common building materials.

Sikadur 42 is a moisture tolerant epoxy resin can be applied to a mat dry substrate, damp concrete for example, if the substrate cannot be totally dried.  It is a high performance, high-strength non-shrink epoxy resin grout that achieves high early strength and cures rapidly.  It can be used for a wide variety of purposes including grouting and fixing anchors, precision seating of baseplates, under-grouting and bedding, and fixing crane and rail tracks.

Moisture Tolerant polyester anchor grouts

Confil Grout  is a moisture tolerant polyester resin anchor grout that can be applied to damp substrates and can even be placed underwater as long as any contamination from the substrate surface has been removed.  

moisture tolerant cement based non-shrink grouts

Most cementitious grouts are mixed with clean water and require the substrate to be damp - see Cementitious Non-Shrink Grouts


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