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Floor finishes and repairs for wholesale meat, fish, fruit and vegetable markets

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Floor finishes and repairs for wholesale meat, fish, fruit and vegetable markets

hygienic food safe flooring and repair materials able to withstand heavy traffic

Floor finishes for wholesale meat, fish, fruit and vegetables need to have the following characteristics:

  • be hygienic and food safe
  • be easy to clean, might need to withstand power / jet washing
  • have good slip-resistance even when wet
  • be robust and durable with excellent resistance to impact and abrasion 
  • be seamless - minimum joints to harbour dirt, seamless skirtings and upstands
  • able to withstand heavy traffic from forklift trucks, pallet jacks / pallet trucks, trolleys

We recommend a through-coloured polyurethane (PU) thin screed laid at 6-9mm. Suitable products include:

Resuthane TG69 a three part polyurethane screed laid at 6-9mm. Resuthane TG69 textured matt floor finish for marketsIt has a textured matt finish that has good slip-resistance even when wet. Extremely durable and hard wearing, suitable for very heavy duty situations. Before laying the subfloor must be prepared in accordance with the technical datasheet recommendations and primed with Resumprime ST or Resumprime MVT if there is moisture within the slab. It comes in a range of standard colours, colour chart. It is extremely robust and can be jet washed down to clean it if required. When laid at 9mm it has good resistance to thermal shock and can be steam cleaned if required.

Resuthane JT40 is a coving grade resin screed used to create Coving grade resin screed for seamless skirtings and upstands in wholesale marketsseamless integral resin skirtings around the perimeter of Resuthane TG69 floor screeds. The usual profile created using a coving trowel is 150mm up wall, 100mm base with a full 90° radius. First, prepare surfaces and prime with Resutack PU. Once the JT40 has been applied it should be coated with Resuthane T100 to seal and provide full chemical resistance. Or use Resuthane JT44 which is self-sealing.

Epo-flex VJ (formerly called Resujoint V) is a through-coloured jointing compound to fill joints in the resin screed, available in the same standard colours as Resuthane TG69. Joints in the resin screed are required where there are joints in the concrete floor below. 

hygienic food safe robust PU resin flooring screed with finish coloured anti-slip finish

hygienic food safe robust PU resin flooring screed with finish coloured anti-slip finish

ABOVE: Resuthane TG69 Forest Green laid at Billingsgate Market, London. TG69 has a matt surface finish, in the photograph above the floor has been washed down and there is surface water on the floor giving it a shiny gloss appearance.

concrete floor repairs

Before laying a resin floor screed it is important to repair any damage Impact and abrasion resistant concrete floor repair materials for marketsto the concrete subfloor to ensure a smooth finish. Resupatch can be applied from feather-edge up to 50mm, or 100mm in built up in two layers. It is impact and abraisoin resistant and can be subjected to heavy traffic, making it ideal for a busy wholesale meat, vegetable, fruit or flower market. 

We can also supply dust-proofing sealers, binders, injection resins for cracked concrete, joint repairs, joint sealants and a whole host of materials for different types of concrete repairs. Call us on 01925852225 for advice.


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