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Non-Shrink Grouts for Machine & Plant Installation & Relocation

Machine bed and baseplate grouting, forming plinths and anchoring holding down bolts

We supply a range of materials for grouting and anchoring new machinery installations and relocations.  Cementitious non-shrink grouts can be used to fill gaps between machinery fixing plates / base plates and concrete floors to ensure that the loading of the machinery is distributed as intended in its design and the load is fully distributed across the whole of each plate and transferred to the concrete slab.  For anchoring bolts or bedding machinery that vibrates then epoxy resin non-shrink grouts are the best choice.


Cementitious Non-Shrink Grouts

Sikagrout 212 – Shrinkage compensated, flowable 1-part cementitious grout, high compressive strength gains and excellent bond strength to concrete.  It can be poured or pumped to grout thicknesses of 10-75mm and is easy to mix and apply because it only requires the addition of water.

Gap widths – 10-75mm

Compressive Strength – 50-55 N/mm² after 28 days (at 20°C) see data sheet for strength at shorter time periods.

Coverage / Yield – Approx. 2.2kg/m²/mm (2.2kg/litre) exc. allowances for substrate porosity, surface profile & wastage. 


Epoxy Resin Non-Shrink Grouts 

Conbextra EP10/EPR A high strength 2-part and a 3-part free-flowing epoxy resin grout capable of transfering heavy dynamic and mobile loading.  Conbextra EP10 is the 2-part grout comprising a base and hardener.  Conbextra EPR contains a base, hardener and specially selected inert graded aggregate.  It is suitable for grouting drop forges, reciprocating machinery, high speed turbines, heavy transporter rails and crane rails, centrifuges and testing equipment.  Its excellent chemical resistance makes it suitable for uses in harsh environments where chemicals might be spilt on it such as chemical plants, refineries and electroplating.

Gap widths – 0.25 to 120mm; Conbextra EP10 for gaps from 0.25 to 10mm, Conbextra EPR for gaps from 10-120mm

Compressive Strength – Conbextra EP10 57N/mm² after 1 day (at 24°C) and 83N/mm² after 7 days (at 24°C) 

Conbextra EPR 91N/mm² after 1 day (at 24°C) and 101N/mm² after 7 days (at 24°C)

Coverage / Yield – Contact Us



E33 Epoxy Grout A high-flow, highly chemically resistant epoxy resin grout suitable for grouting gaps from 10 to 50mm.  Can be used in cold conditions by adding E33 Winter Additive.  For large gaps see E140 or for smaller gaps see E20.

E20 Epoxy Grout A high-flow epoxy resin grout with good chemical resistance suitable for grouting gaps from norminal / 0mm to 5mm and can be feather-edged.  It can be used in cold conditions by adding Epoxy Winter Additive.  

E140 Epoxy Grout  A high-flow epoxy resin grout suitable for grouting gaps from 70mm to 140mm, with good chemical resistance.  It has exceptional bond strength and can be used in cold conditions by adding E33 Winter Additive.   

Epicon L - A high strength, free-flowing, pourable grout for gaps of 20mm or larger.

Epicon M - Still a free-flowing high strength grout, but contains a small amount of light fill, suitable for grouting gaps width of 3-30mm.

Epicon RT - is designed to fill large gaps and cavities economically, it is pourable and can be used in situations such as below rail and crane tracks.

Epicon S - This is an epoxy resin grout with no filler designed for grouting very narrow gaps from 0.25 to 6mm, which can be poured or injected.

Epicon H - An epoxy resin anchor grout with Thixotropic flow characteristics suitable for vertical and inverted fixings.  


Epoxy Resin Anchor Grouts

Conbextra EP10/EPR can also be used as an anchor grout as well as bedding grout. 

Anchorset 300 Green  High strength, rapid-curing epoxy resin anchor grout.  It can adhere bolts and screws securely into a variety of building substrates and is ideal for holding down bolts securely fixing machinery to the floor. It is styrene-free making it a more environmentally friendly product than Anchorset Red.  Easy to apply with a standard cartridge / skeleton gun, the components from the twin bag system within the cartridge mix together as they are gunned-out.

Epoxy Injection Resin LV A low viscosity epoxy resin that can be injected.

Epoxy Injection Resin Thixotropic An injectable epoxy resin with THIXOTROPIC flow characteristics, i.e. it is only free-flowing under pressure.


Polyester Resin Anchor Grouts

Anchorset Red 300 - a strene based polyester resin anchor grout that can be used to fix holding-down bolts etc. Particularly useful for fixings close to the edges of slabs, walls, etc. 

Confil Grout (standard/rapid) A polyester resin anchor grout with free-flowing characteristics for fixings on the horizontal plane. Use for grouting in holding down botls for pylons, masts & machinery.

Confil HP Grout (standard/rapid) A polyester resin anchor grout with THIXOTROPIC flow characteristics suitable for vertical and inverted fixings.  


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