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Bedding and Holding Down Bolt Grouts Products for Machines

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Machinery Installing and Moving – high strength anchoring and bedding grouts

Grouts for static and vibrating machinery installation

Arcon Supplies stock a range of grouts for machine bedding, fixing holding Reciprocating compressor bedding, anchoring & groutingdown bolts, forming or repairing plinths, bedding and anchoring support structures. Call us for project specific quantities, quotes and specification assistance on 01925852225. 

cementitious grouts for machine bedding & anchoring

Masterflow 765 a ready-to-use bagged cementitious grout with high early strength suitable for grouting and anchoring bearing pads, rails, machinery and equipment. It requires the addition of clean water on site and can be mixed from a plastic to a fluid consistency depending upon the needs of the project. 

Masterflow 885 a metal-fibre aggregate reinforced non-shrink grout, which gives superior resistance to dynamic loading compared to normal cementitious grouts. It is a bagged material that only requires the addition of clean water on site and can be mixed to any consistency from fluid to damp pack. Masterflow 885 is suitable for grouting beneath paper machine soleplates, generators, turbines and compressors, rolling / stamping / drawing / finishing mills, as well as anchoring bolts and rods.

Nugrout Superflow Concrete a high strength free-flowing cementitious micro concrete. It is self-compacting, low shrinkage / shrinkage compensated with high early compressive and flexural strengths. It contains non-corrosive mellatic additives and exhibits excellent bond strengths to both concrete and metal.  Ideal for creating machinery bearing plinths and repairs to existing plinths. Also suitable for grouting of holding down bolt, starter bars (etc.), bedding crane rails, and the grouting of turbines and machinery. 

Nugrout HiSpec a high strength free-flowing cementitious grout that has good resistance to impact and vibrations. "Non-shrink" / shrinkage compensated with very high early compressive and flexurals strengths. Excellent bond strength to concrete and reninforcement steel. Used for forming bearing plinths, grouting of machinery and turbines, bedding crane rails, and grouting of starter bars, holding down bolts (etc.).

Nugrout Flowable Concrete a free-flowing self-compacting cementitious micro concrete.  Excellent earl bond strengths to concrete and steel, along with excellent early compressive and flexural strengths.  It is a shrinkage compensated / "non-shrink" micro concrete with no corrosive metallic additives, and facilitates cathodic protection. Resistant ro vibration and impact it is suitable for machine and turbine grouting.

general chemical anchors to secure machinery to floors

Anchorset Green 300 - a strong gun-able general purpose chemical anchor grout suitable for fixing holding down bolts. Ideal for small annulus bolt pockets / core and narrow gap widths / depths. 

epoxy resin grouts for machine bedding and anchoring

Epicon epoxy resin non-shrink grout range - the Epicon range of grouts have been created for specific gap widths; anchoring and bedding machinery with as little as 0. 25mm to sections of 100mm and above. They give excellent performance even in harsh / extreme conditions. They exhibit high early strength, high bond strength, high compressive strength with good tensile and flexural strength giving a high dynamic load bearing tolerance. The Epicon grout range includes thixotropic, low viscosity, low exotherm and tropical formulations, to enable you to choose a product that best suits your project demands. Suitable for creating high strength bearing plinths, grouting in heavy transporter rails and crane rails, heavy duty fixing for large industrial machinery, grouting and anchoring turbines, centrifuges, reciprocating machinery and similar. Call us on 01925852225 for project specific recommendations.

Masterflow 648 a 3-part high strength non-shrink epoxy resin based high precision flowable grout. It exhibits rapid strength gain, high early strength and high final strength. Suitable for fixing the most demanding machinery in the most demanding environments, including drop forges, large reciprocating compressors, printing, paper milling plant, rolling / stamping / grinding / drawing / finishing mills, grouting in marine plant & machinery, turbines / generators / compressors, chemical plant / machinery, anchoring/bedding rail tracks and crane rails. Excellent adhesion to both concrete and steel ensure maximum bearing. CE Marked.

For more epoxy resin grouts see EPOXY RESIN GROUTS 

For ultra high strength grouts, including onshore and off-shore wind turbine grouts see ULTRA HIGH STRENGTH GROUTS


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