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Seamless chemical resistant floor finishes for Laboratories (Labs)

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Heavy duty, hygienic Flooring Products for Laboratories / Labs

Durable Chemically resistant seamless coating and screeds for Labs in industrial, medical, pharmaceutical environments

Arcon supply flooring products for a wide range of lab environments. This page lists a number of different types of product for different types of use, for prices, quotes or specification advice call us on 01925852225 or email For considerations to take into account when choosing a floor finish for a laboratory see info page.

Chemically resistant resin coatings and paints for labs

Resutile is a two-part polyurethane PU Resutile chemically resistant floor coating for labsresin floor coating with excellent chemical resistance. It has good resistance to thermal shock and hot water. Resutile is applied as a seamless coating so there are no awkward joints to collect dirt and its gloss finish makes it extremely easy to keep clean. Capable of withstanding heavy trafficking in industrial environments, Resutile has good abrasion and impact resistance. It also has good UV colour stability and some flexibility. 

Thin self-smoothing screed floors for labs

Resuthane SL23 and Resuthane SL45 is a flowable water-based polyurethane self-smoothing seamless floor screed laid at 3-5mm. It has excellent resistance to heavy duty traffic. It has a matt surface finish, limiting glare and light reflection, that provides a slip-resistant finish while still being easy to clean.


trowel applied thin chemically resistant floor screeds for labs

Resuthane TG69 is a trowel-applied polyurethane PU floor laid at 6-9mm. arcon resuthane TG69 forest green for laboratories and clean roomsSuitable for heavy duty industrial environments, it can withstand heavy traffic including forklift truck traffic. It has excellent resistant to abrasion, impact and chemical attack. At 9mm it can withstand steam cleaning and other thermal shocks. The coloured resin hardens to give a matt finish and the aggregate within the screed gives a profiled slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean. 


Resuthane JT44 is a trowel-applied polyurethane PU screed designedResuthane JT44 coved resin skirting suitable for labs to form coved skirting around the perimeter of the lab floor and around plinths. Used in conjuction with Resuthane TG69 or Resuthane SL to form a seamless resin floor surface with integral coved upstands. It is hardwearing, self-sealing and easy to clean.

Epoxy Resin Floor Screeds for Labs

Resuscreed HCS is a trowel-applied epoxy screed with excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. 

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