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Concrete Cement-based Mortars for Repairs in Cold and Freezing Conditions

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Concrete Cement-based Mortars for Repairs in Cold and Freezing Conditions

Repair Materials for Infrastructure and Building / Construction in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Most standard building materials such as concretes, mortars, coatings, sealants etc should not be used in temperatures lower than 5°C, that said you should always check the materials technical data sheet for product specific details. Below this temperature curing can become excruciatingly slow, the formation of ice crystals might interfere with reactions or prevent adequate bonding between surfaces, ultimately the end result is that the material will fail. We have a range of repair materials that can be used in cold and freezing winter conditions - call us on 01925852225 for quotations and project specific advice.

concrete repair mortars for cold and freezing temperatures

Febset 45 is a rapid setting cementitious non-shrink concrete repair mortar, that can be used in temperatures down to -20°C and below. The bagged powder only requires the addition of clean water on site. Febset 45 achieves excellent early high strength even at very low temperatures, ensuring that repaired areas can be brought back in to full service quickly. Areas to be repaired must be sawcut to a minimum depth of 20mm, without additional aggregate the febset 45 can be used on repair sections up to 100mm or greater with the addition aggregate. It has excellent resistance to de-icing salts. High freeze/thaw resistance. High bond strength. Highly durable. Final compressive strength of 70N after 28 days.

In even the harshest winter conditions, febset 45 can be used for:

  • road and bridge deck repairs
  • manhole frame and other ironwork bedding 
  • anchoring bolt fixings
  • repairing potholes in concrete yards, car parks, depots, forecourts and driveways
  • repairing / levelling industrial, warehouse, depot and factory floors
  • repairing egdes and corners of concrete slabs, steps, ramps, plinths, loading docks, kerbs and upstands

Stock item - can be dispatched quickly for delivery through the UK, internationally by request. Call us on 0192585225 for quotations.

MasterEmaco T545 a rapid setting heavy duty trafficable repair mortar that can be used in sub zero temperatures down to -7°C


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