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How do I repair concrete or stone steps?

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How to repair damaged concrete or stone steps

tips and products for repairing broken step / stair edges and corners

concrete and stone step and stair repair 1. Assess the damage - if cracks are through the full depth of the concrete and /or run continuously through a number of steps, it is likely that it is caused by structural movement and should be investigated by a Structural Engineer.  This method is appropriate where the damage is caused by wear and tear.

2. Remove any loose pieces, dirt, debris, grease, oil  and the like. depending upon the repair materials you are using the surface will either need to be dry or damp, check the product's technical data sheet if you are unsure. Some repair materials will also require a primer, again consult the products' technical data sheets, see the systems below. If primer is required, coat the surface to be repaired.

3. Create a temporary formwork to contain the repair material, this could be a plank supported by bricks for example.  Don't forget to use a formwork release agent on the board to prevent the repair material bonding to it. A DIY release agent is to use clingfilm or grease. However, some repair material will stick to most surfaces, in this case trowel the material into place without using any formwork at all.  These repair materials rely on the applicator having a bit of skill to achieve flat and level surfaces with the trowel.

4. Trowel the material into position and level it off at the original height of the step.

5. Refer to the repair products' technical data sheets to see how quickly the product gains strength and the stairs can be re-opened to accommodate foot traffic.

PRODUCTS for repairing steps and stairs

Arcon have a large range of products to repair steps, the exact product to use will depend upon your project specific requirements. The selection will be governed by how quickly repairs need to be completed, depth of repair, colour and cost - so call us on 01925852225 to discuss your project requirements.

Our step repair materials are either cement-based or resin-based. In general, the cement based products will require form work, but the resin products will stick to it.  Here is a few examples of the products we offer:

Tufpatch FS - A resin-based product that can be troweled into place.  This product does not require a primer.  The product comes in three parts, that must be thoroughly mixed just before application. It can be trowelled in to place or used with an edge shutter, although it will require a formwork release agent on the shutter.  Forming step arises/edges with a trowel is relatively easy and can be laid from 25mm thick to feather-edge.  It is a rapid set high strength resin repair mortar that will achieve strengths of 87N/mm² in just 3 days.  It has a shiny grey resinous appearance with a highly effective non-slip finish and is extremely strong, durable and hardwearing. 

Ultracrete FTC - A fast set, high strength concrete for repair depths from 10-50mm and up to 100mm in pockets.  Set time is within an hour at 20°C and it can accept foot traffic after just 2 hours.  Before applying the FTC the area should be damped-down and primed with Pro-Prime Slurry Primer. The FTC comes in powder form with a 6mm  aggregate pre-mixed in, and just needs mixing to a trowelable consistency with clean water before applying. The product appearance is that of concrete, grey with a slip-resistant finish but it sets much faster and achieves higher ultimate strength.

Ultracrete M90 - Another fast set cementitious mortar which can be used to repair depths of 10-75mm or greater if layered.  This product does not require primer but the existing surfaces should be pre-soaked with water and damp (but with no standing water).  M90 achieves excellent bond strength making the repair durable and tough.  It achieves rapid strength gain can be trafficked in just 90 minutes, hence the name. It's appearance is concrete grey.

Epicon Fast Set Mortar - An epoxy resin repair mortar ideal for repairing steps, without the need for a primer. Excellent adhesion to concrete and stone. Can be used at temperature above 2°C, it cures in cold and damp conditions.

Febset 45 - Perhaps the most useful attribute of Febset 45 with regards to concrete and stone step repairs is that, unlike most other products, it can be used in temperatures lower than 5ºC. In fact, it can be used in freezing weather conditions and sub zero temperatures down to -20°C. It doesn't require a primer, but the existing steps need to be pre-soaked but any standing water removed.  In temperatures between 15-20°C the repair sets and achieves enough strength to receive heavy traffic in less than 1 hour.  The hotter the temperature the faster the material will set.  In cold and freezing conditions it will be slower to set but it will none the less still set to form an extremely strong and durable repair.


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