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grouting beneath baseplates, steel plates

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grouting underneath steelwork and steel baseplates

using cementitious or resin grouts to fill gaps below baseplates and steelwork


Step 0 - Shims used to temporarily level baseplate & steelwork

 steel work base plate with gap underneath that needs filling


Step 1 - create a formwork around the baseplate

filling void under steel base plate with non-shrink grout

This can be done using timber with a sand haunching to keep it in place while the non-shrink grout is poured. Leave space around the perimeter, so the grout can be seen emerging from the opposite side and rise to the level required. 

step 2 - use a hopper and pour in the grout

filling beneath a steel baseplate using a hopper

Pour the non-shrink grout into a hopper.  Do not move the hopper and pour from any other location, because this can lead to air-pockets forming beneath the plate, meaning the loading from the steel will not be transferred evenly to the structure beneath. A hopper is especially useful if the baseplate is large and the non-shrink grout has to flow a long distance. It builds a head of pressure that forces the grout beneath the plate at an even rate.

Alternative Step 2 - pour the grout directly from the mixing vessel

grouting beneath a steel base plate pouring grout directly from the mixing vessel
When pouring the non-shrink grout directly from the mixing vessel it is important to pour from one point only. Moving position while pouring can lead to air pockets forming beneath the baseplate. This means that load will not be transferred evenly through to the structure below.   

Step 3 - Wait for non-shrink grout to go off then remove formwork

remove formwork for non-shrink grout beneath baseplateOnce the non-shrink grout has gone off enough, remove the formwork.

step 4 - chamfer off corners on exposed edges

chamfer off corners of grout to prevent cracking

Before the grout has gone off completely cut back the exposed corners to create a neat chamfer. 

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