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hygienic hardwearing flooring for abattoirs

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hygienic hardwearing Flooring for Abattoirs

heavy duty Robust resin floor paints, coatings and screeds for use in abattoirs

hard wearing hygienic resin flooring in abattoir

In processing meat for human consumption, abattoirs have to adhere to strict hygiene and santisation protocols. This includes the correct choice of building materials and surface finishes to help achieve the necessary high standards. Important things to consider when choosing the flooring for an abattoir are:

Hygiene - floors need to be non-absorbent, non-dusting, not harbour dirt or pathogens and be easy to clean. Exposed concrete and the grout between tiles can absorb liquids and dirt leading to bad odours and allow microbial growth. Sealing, painting and screeding over concrete with an impervious resin can prevent this. Existing quarry tiled floors can be screeded over as long as the tiles are sound and securely fixed down.  

Method of cleaning - if hot water or steam cleaning is used to clean the floors of the abattoir you must ensure that the flooring products you select can resist the appropriate temperatures. You will need to check that the floor finishes can resist the types of cleaning chemicals, sterilizers, detergents and disinfectants you use. The floor finishes must also be able to withstand pressure washing if this is carried out.

Durability / Robustness - abattoirs are industrial environments and the floors must withstand impacts, scrapes, and abrasion from trays, crates, trolleys, animals, foot traffic and sometimes forklift traffic. Floor finishes must be hard wearing and be designed for use in industrial environments.

Chemical Resistance - The flooring must be resistant to any chemicals used for pest control, cleaning, meat processing and waste processing - either by direct deliberate contact or spillages.

Resin floor sealers, paints, coatings, screeds offer excellent hard wearing protective hygienic floor coatings for abattoirs; but every product is different so it is important to check that the product you choose meets the criteria above and any additional criteria you have.

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Resuthane TG69 is a very heavy duty three part hygienic resin flooring for abattoirs resuthane tg69polyurethane or PU screed designed to be laid by trowel at 6mm or 9mm thick. Laid at 9mm thick it can be steam cleaned and has good thermal resistance. Laid at 6mm it can be cleaned with hot water but steam cleaning is not recommended. It provides an impervious  protective layer over the floor that does not support microbial growth and is easy to clean. It contains an aggregate giving a slightly profiled surface that has slip-resistance even with standing water, that remains easy to clean. Resuthane TG69 has excellent chemical resistance, abrasion and impact resistance. It is water based and certified as non-taint, so it can be laid in locations adjacent operational areas and is Seamless integral resin coved skirting for resin screeded abattoir floorsideal for use in the food industry.  Available in a variety of colours.

Resuthane JT44 is a self-sealing polyurethane screed suitable for forming colour matched coved resin skirting, to create seamless resin floors with integral skirting. It can be used in conjunction with Resuthane TG69 above. 

hygienic resin floor in abattoir system build-up

Pumadur HF is a very heavy duty polyurethane PU screed, laid by trowel at 6-9mm. It is extremely hardwearing and durable, capable of resisting abrasion and impacts in heavy duty industrial environments. Pumadur HF has excellent chemical resistance. The aggregate it contains gives the screed a slip-resistant profiled surface that remains easy to clean. At 9mm it can be steam cleaned, while at 6mm it can withstand cleaning with hot water. Pumadur HF is water based and non-tainting (Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association test method TES-S-002). Colours

Pumadur CG is a coving grade polyurethane screed designed to form radius coved skirting, fillets, plinth edges, upstands and drain linings. Laid at 2-9mm thick to suit the thickness of the resin floor screed it is abutting. It can be laid up to a height of 300mm vertically. It has excellent abrasion and impact resistance, is non-taint and non-dusting. For maximum chemical resistance seal with Pumadur TF

Pumadur WR is a polyurethane screed suitable for application as a PU polyurethane wall render - Pumadur WR wall render on vertical surfaces and radiused coved skirting to integrate in to a resin screeded floor such as Pumadur HF or RT.  Pumadur can be used on walls, upstands, bunds, drainage channels, plinths and as skirting. It has good chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance. Chemical resistance can be further enhanced by sealing the wall render with Pumadur TF


Resucrete is a heavy duty trowel applied epoxy resin screed. Laid at 9mm it is steam cleanable and can be jet washed / high pressure washed. High compressive, flexural and tensile strengths, it has excellent resistance to impacts, abrasion and heavy industrial trafficking. The aggregate within the screed gives a profiled surface finish that is inherently slip-resistant. Resucrete is impervious and does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus.  Standard Colours Resucrete can also be used to form coved skirtings at the perimeter of the floor.

Resuscreed 45 is a heavy duty trowel applied epoxy resin screed usually laid at 4 to 6mm.  It is durable, abrasion resistant and impact resistant. To achieve an impervious finish Resuscreed 45 must be sealed with RS Screed Seal Followed by a coat of Resucoat HB, which gives the floor a high gloss finish. If a matt finish is required an optional coat of Resupen WB can be applied.  

floor paints and coatings for abattoirs

Resutile is a two-part polyurethane resin coating with excellent chemical resistance, UV stability and good resistance to thermal shock. It is a hardwearing coating with good impact and abrasion resistance from industrial traffic. It comes in a range of standard colours.

hygienic wall coatings for abattoirs

Resutile Wall is a two-part polyurethane coating designed for walls Resutile wall standard coloursand vertical surfaces. As with Resutile floor, Resutile Wall has excellent chemical resistance, UV stability and good resistance to thermal shock.  It has a glossy easy to clean finish and is available in a range of standard colours.





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