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Factory Floor Paint, Coatings and Chemically Resistant Screeds

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Factory Floor Paint, Coatings and Chemically Resistant Screeds

Hard Wearing Heavy Duty Floor Finishes For Factories & Industry

 Key considerations for the selection of a factory floor paint, coating or screed:

  • cost
  • longevity - expected service life
  • resistance to impact and abrasion
  • slip-resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • temperature resistance
  • type and frequency of traffic
  • non-tainting and food safe 
  • ease of application
  • curing times - time required to get an area fully operational

Concrete floor sealers, dust-proofers & stabilizer

Concrete floor sealer and strengtheners for factories and industry

Dusting occurs when the top surface of a slab is eroded and particles break loose. To prevent this from happening the concrete floor can be sealed. Floor and Wall Seal is one of the most reliable and economical products available to protect concrete surfaces in industrial environments. 

If the surface is already badly damaged and dusting then a stabilizer is the best choice.  Stabilizers penetrate in to the surface of the concrete or sand / cement screed and bind the particles together to strengthen the floor surface and prevent further damage and dusting. Products include  Resutop Binder and Pumabind.


Epoxy resin factory floor paint applied by SureStep

Easy to apply concrete floor paints and coloured concrete floor sealers able to withstand the rigours of factories and heavy industrial environments include Resuseal WBPumaseal P1Pumaseal P2.  They could also be described as coloured concrete sealers, because they act to seal and dust-proof the factory floor surface as well.


High build epoxy resin coating for factory floor applied by StepSure

High build epoxy resin coatings provide a thicker protective layer over the concrete or screed floor.  Products include Resucoat HB Pumatect and Pumashield.  Ideal for medium duty areas within a factory subject to heavy foot traffic, light duty forklift traffic and occasional nylon wheeled trolleys.


Safety line marking paint for factory floor applied by StepSure

Line marking paints for factory floors, including vibrant yellows and reds are used to demark safe walking routes, vehicle crossing points, safe working areas and wayfinding. Products include Resuline   


Highly chemical resistant floor coatings for factories

We have a wide range of highly chemical resistant floor coatings for factories across a broad spectrum of industries and processing activities.  The correct specification will depend upon the types, concentrations, temperatures of the chemicals used in an area and the amount of time they will come into contact with the floor surface.  Typical substances are hydrocarbons, mineral oils, bleaches, printing dyes, organic acids, inorganic acids and strong alkalis. Call us on 01925852225 for product selection assistance.


Temperature resistant floor coatings for factory freezers

The are a wide range of floor paints, coatings and screeds able to resist extreme hot or cold temperatures during their service life in areas such as blast chillers, freezers, chemical processing and bunds.  Applying products at these temperature extremes is far more challenging.  Call us on 01925852225 to discuss solutions for project specific requirements.

fast drying / fast curing fLOOR paints, COATINGS and screeds FOR FACTORIES

Fast Setting Fast Drying Floor Paints & Coatings for Factories

How quickly an area can be brought back in to full operational service is usually critical in factories. Fast drying / fast setting / fast curing paints, coatings and screeds are available to reduce the time needed to complete flooring work.  Traditionally the fastest drying coatings have been solvent-based MMAs, but they have the ability to taint products stored close to the application area. In recent years, new polyaspartic coatings have fast curing periods and no solvents - contact us for more information and pricing.

Heavy Duty Coatings for heavily trafficked factory floors

Heavy duty industrial resin screeds for factory floors

Heavy duty floor coating for areas in factories heavily trafficked by forklifts, trolleys, AGVs, motor vehicles and HGVs include Resutile, Cemcrete TX (formerly RS Cemcrete), Resuthane SL23 & Resuthane SL45 3-5mm self-smoothing resin screeds, Pumadur SL

Very Heavy Duty Resin Screeds for factory floors

Heavy duty industrial resin screeds for factory floors

For long lasting protection, very high chemical resistance, excellent impact and abrasion resistance a polyurethane floor screed checks all of these boxes.  They have been known to last in excess of 50 years. Products include Resuthane TG69 a 6-9mm trowel applied resin screed, Pumadur RT, Pumadur HF

Paints & coatings for steel plates & steps in factories

Anti-slip paint coating to steel steps in a factory - applied by SureStep

Anti-slip coatings and safety hazard warning markings for steel plates and steps in factories can be applied using products like Resucoat Profile used in conjunction with Resuprime ZP

Chemically resistant anti-slip GRP gratings for factories

Chemically resistant anti-slip GRP grating grid grill for factories

Arcon supply a wide range of slip-resistant GRP stair nosings, tread covers, flat sheet, gratings, ladder rung grips and hazard warning strips for use in industrial environments. See also Anti-slip Treads and Nosings. GRP gratings are lighter than steel, better impact absorbing, no subject to corrosion, easy to fit and easy to clean.


Chemical resistant protective coatings and screeds for bunds 

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