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Epoxy Resin Wall Paint and Coatings

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epoxy resin wall paint and coatings

durable epoxy paints for vertical surfaces with good chemical resistance

Hard wearing epoxy resin paint and coatings for a wide variety of applications, including healthcare, schools, industry and commercial facilities. Call us on 01925852225 for specification advice, quotes and quantity estimates.

Resuseal Wall Gloss

Resuseal Wall chemical resistant paint

Resuseal Wall Gloss is a two-component epoxy resin wall paint/coating with an easy-to-clean gloss finish. It provides a non-tainting non-dusting chemical resistant wall coating that has good resistance to impact and abrasion. Suitable for use on common wall substrates such as plaster, brickwork, blockwork, concrete, timber etc. The porosity of the substrate will affect the estimated coverage rates.

Pumacoat V

Pumatect water dispersed epoxy resin wall paint / coating

Pumacoat V is a two-component water dispersed epoxy resin wall paint/coating for walls and vertical surfaces in industrial buildings, factories, dog kennels, stables, catteries, farm buildings, workshops, garages etc. It has a silk finish that is easy to clean.  

Pumatect V

Pumatect high build epoxy resin wall paint / coating

Pumacoat V is a two-component high build epoxy resin wall paint/coating for walls and vertical surfaces. Available in clear and a range of colours, it has an easy-to-clean gloss finish that provides good chemical resistance, impact and abrasion protection. Suitable for chemical plants, factories, bund walls, upstands, silos, tanks, breweries, bakeries and many other facilities. 





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