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epoxy coatings that can be applied to damp or wet surfaces

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epoxy coatings for applications to damp or wet surfaces

epoxy 'paints' and coatings that can be painted on to damp or wet concrete surfaces

There are many instances where it is beneficial to apply a protective coating to concrete and steel structures or vessels. It can help to prevent chemical attack and inhibit corrosion of steel work and steel reinforcement within concrete. However, in certain situations it is impossible to get the concrete dry.  Subsoil / below ground structures, basements, tanks, bunds, tunnels, sewerage works / water works and marine environments may all have concrete elements that would benefit from a protective coating but are damp and cannot be dried out.

In these situations, it is imperative to choose a moisture-tolerant, also described as damp-tolerant, coating product. It sounds obvious, but the majority of resin coatings do not tolerate moisture during the application or curing process. Sometimes it may be possible to create a dry application surface by using a moisture excluding primer such as Damp Shield Nitoflor DPM or Pumaprime DPM, which are effectively liquid damp proof membranes, prior to using a normal protective coating. 

Nitocote ep 403 is a moisture tolerant two-part epoxy resin protective coating that can be applied to concrete and steel, even if the concrete is damp. It cures to form a durable waterproof covering that offers chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistance.  The smooth glossy light grey surface finish is easy to clean and tough. Nitocote EP403 can protect against ground gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and radon. It can also withstand 25% Sulphuric Acid, 50% Sodium Hydroxide, Petrol and Xylene. 

Nitocote ep 405 is also a moisture tolerant two-part epoxy resin protective coating. As with EP403, it can be applied to concrete and steel, even if the concrete is damp. The finished coating gives good chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance. It comes in either a blue or white colour and when cured has a smooth glossy finish that is easy to clean.  It has WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) approval making it suitable for use in potable water tanks, on reservoir structures, on silos containing food stuffs and in food and drink processing plants - such as dairies, breweries, meat processing and abattoirs.

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