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Distribution & Service Yard Maintenance & Repair

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Distribution & Service Yard Maintenance & Repair


Busy service and distribution yards have to withstand some of the heaviestRepairs to busy distribution depot service yard traffic and harshest demands of any operational area within a business. They have to stand up to heavy industrial vehicle activity, such as HGVs turning in the same locations placing a high level of stress on the surfaces, forklift truck traffic, vinyl-wheeled trolleys.

Damage to dock leveller surrounds in loading docks can occur during both goods-in and goods-out operations, and coupling / uncoupling procedures. Concrete platform and kerbs can be damaged by vehicular impacts, particularly reversing HGVs and trailers.

Damage can also cause further damage as well as health and safety risks.  For example, further damage can be sustained to the yard surface or docking bays if "dock creep" occurs - i.e. if the trailer landing leg area of the yard is uneven or is deteriorating, it can cause the trailer foot to rock forward when loads are transferred into/out of the back of the trailer.

So it is imperative that repair and maintenance activities are addressed quickly. It is also equally important that loading operations need to continue to be carried out safely and efficiently with minimum disruption by repair and maintenance activities. In large busy depots there are usually only short windows of time when repair and maintenance works can be carried out without impacting operations.

We supply a variety of fast-track repair materials that cure quickly, have rapid strength gain and can be trafficked soon after they have been installed.  These include ironwork reinstatement, concrete yard repair, coldfreezing/sub-zero concrete repairs, kerb/corners/edges repairs, kerb bedding and concrete patch repairs. See links on headings and thumbnail images below.

Weather always plays a part in site safety.  Rain water entering the dock loading area can create a slip hazard for both pedestrians and those using mechanical equipment, it can also weather and erode concrete platforms and yards. Water soaks into the concrete surface and freeze-thaw cycles causes the surface to degrade over time.

fast cure / early strength gain products

Service yard repair to concrete slabs and hardstandings

Repair pot holes, dips, unlevel uneven concrete surfaces quick with rapid-set materials.  Rebed and refix grids, drainage channels, gutters, manhole covers and service duct covers fast.  Fix loose railings, barriers, posts and balustrades quickly. Fill cracks and joints to enable smooth trafficking by vehicles in a short time.  See CASE STUDY: Duct Cover Repairs

Repairing joints in concrete slabs and yards

repairing joints in concrete service yards and distribution depots

Movement joints (expansion joints & shrinkage joints) can become problematic for forklift trucks, particulalry if the joints are wide and the sealant is missing. The trucks can be destablised and/or be subjected to impacts or jolting that can damage vehicles immediately or over time.  We have a range of external joint sealants and joint repair materials to fix and fill the joints. Also see TIPS: Repairng Movement Joints

Line markings to clearly define & segregate routes

Line Markings, zoning, segregating pedestrian routes and wayfinding

Products for line markings, zoning, defining pedestrian routes and clear wayfinding routes for all users through the service yards. For clear segregation between pedestrian and vehicular routes.

Slip resistant surface coatings

Slip resistant surface coatings for loading bays, depots, distribution and service yards

Ant-slip surface coatings for steps, stairs, ramps, platforms, walkways & yards in loading bays, depots, distribution centres and service yards. Ideal remedial retrofit solutions for slippery surfaces.


TIPS: General concrete repairs  

For non-shrink grouts for anchoring and fixing dock levelers, road mounted traffic control barriers and LEDs etc. call us on 01925852225 

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