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Bunded areas designed for retaining chemical leaks and spillages from tanks, silos, vats, pipes, valves and machinery are often described as harsh or extreme environments.  Products specified for the construction and protection of the bund structure depends upon a number of factors:

  • The TYPE of chemicals that might leak or spill
  • The anticipated CONCENTRATIONS of those chemicals
  • The length of TIME a leak or spill will remain in contact with a surface
  • The likelihood of spillages / leaks
  • The likely volume of spillages / leaks
  • The likely pH and temperature of spilt materials

It is important to provide the information above manufacturer's test data can be reviewed for resistance to each strength of chemical present.  

The amount of time a spill or leak is likely to remain in contact with a surface is also critical.  Sometimes leaks and spills are cleaned up immediately, other times weekly as part of a regular cleaning regime; or in hard-to-reach / inaccessible locations leaks and spills might remain on surfaces for months or longer.  Test data usually includes a time variable to check how long a material remains resistant if left exposed to the chemicals in question.

Some materials are considered to be sacrificial i.e. when certain chemicals come into contact with them, they protect the underlying structure but their surface is damaged to the extent that they need replacing / recoating. Other materials might resist certain chemicals for a time, but after that period the chemicals damage the surface and are able to attack the underlying structure.  Different manufacturers test products for different timescales, but resistance might be given for a period of hours, days, weeks, months or classified as permanently resistant.  

Some products might be resistant but subject to a change in appearance where a spill occurs, i.e. a colour change, bleaching or staining in the localised area. Again, this can depend upon the amount of time the spill / leak is in contact with the surface.  In some instances a change in appearance might be acceptable, in other instances it won't be, even if the structure remains protected. 


If leaks/spillages are likely to happen infrequently in small volumes and cleaned-up quickly, an economical coating, with lesser chemical resistance might be the best option and the operator accepts that if a spill occurs recoating will be necessary. 

The selection of some products will be contingent on agreement with the operator that leaks or spills are cleaned up immediately after occurring and the surfaces washed down. 

Other factors to consider are longevity, thickness (if impact or abrasion is likely) and colour (corporate, easy to see dirt, matching in with existing colourways etc).

chemical resistant coatings for bunds

Sikafloor 390 is a highly chemically resistant flexible two-part epoxy resin coating with crack-bridging properties. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical concrete and screeded surfaces particularly in bunded areas. The recommended primer and system build-up depends upon the type of application and performance requirements.

Sikagard 63N is a two part epoxy resin coating designed for chemically resistant coating for bunds, silos, tanks, containmenthighly aggressive chemical environments. It can be applied to concrete, cementitious substrates, epoxy mortars, aluminium and steel - making it ideal for forming protective linings in bunds, storage tanks and silos. The recommended primer and system build-up depends upon the type of substrate, the type of application and performance requirements. 

Permacor 3326 EG H  is a two part epoxy resin coating with high chemical resistance for steel and concrete with crack bridging abilities up to 3mm. Available in Pebble grey approx. RAL 7032.  The recommended primer and system build-up depends upon the type of substrate, the type of application and performance requirements. 

Mastertop BC378 is a highly chemically resistant solvent free two part epoxy resin coating suitable for secondary containment bunds and chemical processing areas. It also has crack bridging properties.  Available in a range of colours.

chemical resistant screed for bunds and bunded areas

Resuthane TG69 is a highly chemically resistant polyurethane resin screed Chemically resistant resin screeds for lining bunds and containment areas laid at 6-9mm providing maximum chemical resistance and maximum protection to the underlying structure in bunds and bunded areas.  It is highly durable and resistant to impacts and abrasion. It comes in a range of colours and is resistant to thermal shock up to 120°C. Food safe & non-tainting.

Resuthane JT44 is a highly chemically resistant polyurethane resin screed formulated specifically  to form seamless coved skirtings with RSL products, particularly Resuthane TG69.  It is a resin-rich self-sealing product, unlike it's predecessor Resuthane JT40 which required coating to seal its surface.  Resuthane JT44 is available in the same range of colours as Resuthane TG69.  Food safe & non-tainting.

Pumadur HF is an equivalent to the TG69 listed above.  It too hasChemically resistant resin screeds for bunds and containment areas excellent chemical resistance, is laid at 6-9mm, and has excellent durability. Pumadur HF has excellent impact, abrasion and thermal shock resistance. Available in a range of colours. Food safe & non-tainting.

Pumadur RT is a resin-rich version of Pumadur HF, described above, making it easier and faster to lay.  It still has excellent chemical resistance, is self-sealing, highly durable, impact and abrasion resistant.  Available in the same range of colours. Food safe & non-tainting.

Pumadur CG is a coving grade polyurethane resin screed designed to form radiused coves at walls and seamlessly tie-in to other Pumadur screed systems.  It requires sealing with Pumadur TF to achieve best chemical resistance. Food safe & non-tainting.

Pumadur WR is a highly chemical resistant coving and wall grade Chemically resistant resin wall screed to protect bund polyurethane resin screed that can be applied to vertical surfaces. Used in combination with Pumadur HF or RT it can create a seamless bunded area with high-sided walls. Pumadur WR is available in the same colours as Pumadur HF and Pumadur RT to create a seamless finish to the bunded area. It is also food safe & non-tainting, suitable for use in food processing, breweries, dairies, abattoirs etc.

chemical resistant sealants for bunds and bunded areas

Sika Tank N is a single part elastic joint sealant ideal for joints in bunds and containment areas where joints are exposed to chemicals.  It has excellent chemical resistance and high mechanical resistance. 

Thioflex 600 is a multi-part polysulphide joint sealant available in gun andchemically resistant joint sealant for bunds and containment areas pouring grade. It has resistance to a range of chemicals if spillages are infrequent and can be cleaned up relatively quickly.

Colpor 200PF is a two part cold applied joint sealant ideal for sealing joints that come in to contact with fuel, oil, jet oil, petrol, diesel and hydraulic fluids. It can either be poured or gunned into joints up to 30mm in width.  It is highly durable, long-lasting and can withstand heavy trafficking.

Sikaflex PRO 3 is a single part high performance sealant with good chemical and mechanical resistance.

Sikaflex PRO 3 SL is a self-levelling 1-part moisture curing elastic joint sealant with excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, including jet fuel, and waste water.  It is approved for use in food processing environments, has good mechanical resistance and conforms to BS6920 (drinking water contact). Standard colours are black and grey.


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