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Cementitious & Elastomeric Protective & Waterproof Coatings for Damp Concrete Surfaces

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Cementitious & Elastomeric Protective Coatings for Damp Concrete Surfaces

Waterproofing, Chemical, Abrasion and Corrosion Protective Coatings for damp substrates

Febtank Super a cementitious brush applied waterproof coating for concrete and masonry that can withstand positive and negative hydrostatic pressures. The substrate must be damp for application, so must be dampened if the masonry/concrete is dry prior to commencing. 

Mapelastic a two-part cementitious mortar that must be applied to damp substrate. Suitable for waterproofing balconies, roof decks and swimming pools; protecting concrete from carbon dioxide penetration; protection of steel reinforcement with insufficient concrete cover; protection of concrete surfaces from seawater, de-icing salts and sulphates.

Masterseal 581 a cementitious brush/spray/broom applied waterproof coating, mixed with water or mixed with Masterseal 600. DWI approved for use with potable water, it can be used on water reservoirs, tunnels, tanks (concrete/masonry) as well as showers, swimming pools and similar. Substrate must be damp prior to application. 

Masterseal 588 a two-part elastomeric waterproof coating for concrete and masonry in water retaining structures subject to movement, Reg 31 DWI approved. Protects concrete substrates from water of low pH or soft quality, marine environments / seawater, sewage waste water, carbonation and de-icing salts; 2mm of cured coating equivalent to 500mm of concrete cover. Substrate must be damp prior to application. 

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Epoxy Resin Coatings to Damp and Wet Surfaces

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