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Anti-slip flooring for freezers, blast chillers, cold stores and refrigerators

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Anti-slip flooring for freezers, blast chillers, cold stores and refrigerators


Anti-slip floor finishes can be required in walk-in freezers, fridges, chillers and cold stores to prevent both people slipping and equipment / vehicles (e.g. trolleys or forklift trucks) from skidding. This is particularly true if ice crystals or condensation is present on the floor. Accidental spillages further exacerbate the risk of slipping and falling; as will tracking in water from outside. 

Under ideal circumstances slip-resistant coatings to concrete or metal floors in freezers, cold stores and chillers should be applied before the refrigeration equipment is operational; or during shutdown periods when the temperature can be raised above 5°C.

In these circumstances a broad range of non-tainting epoxy or polyurethane resin paints, coatings and screeds can be applied to the floor which incorporate slip-resistant aggregates. See Slip-Resistant Flooring or call us on 01925852225 to discuss your requirements.

Non-slip floor finishes at temperatures below 5°C

Most modern resin paints, coatings and screeds used for industrial floor coatings only harden and cure at temperatures above 5°C (41F). Some solvented resins perform at lower temperatures, but the fumes given off during curing are smelly, noxious and can taint products stored in the vicinity. Relatively recent product innovations include solvent free poly-aspartic based resins, which cure faster than other non-solvent products. Although there are floor coating products claiming to perform at low temperatures, when temperatures drop below freezing it is extremely difficult to prepare the floor ready to receive the coating. Surfaces must be clean, free of dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. The floor must be free of condensation, moisture and ice, which is difficult to ensure without raising the temperature.  Any dirt or ice can lead to a lack of adhesion between the existing floor surface and the new coating, causing it to peel and flake in localised areas after just a short amount of use. 

Using a sheet material that is tolerant to low temperatures and can be non-slip freezer flooring GRP sheets with texture slip-resistant surfacemechanically fixed rather than bonded to a freezer or cold store floor is a good alternative. It can be trafficked as soon as it is laid and fixed, avoiding the problems of curing times and fumes.  

Contrasting colours of sheeting can be used to de-mark safe pedestrian circulation routes, boundaries, vehicle / forklift routes, stopping points, ramps etc. Sheets can be pre-cut to size for ramps, doorways, between racking and stair tread covers with integral nosing can be used for steps.

For further information see Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Sheets or call us on 01925852225 to discuss your requirements or email


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