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Anti-slip floor paint and resin coatings

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anti-slip floor paint and resin coatings


Anti-slip flooring products, also referred to as non-slip or slip-resistant flooring, are designed to reduce the risk of slipping and falling particularly if the floor surface becomes wet or greasy.  

Factors affecting slip-resistance of a surface:

  • the surface material, e.g. concrete, tiles, paint, vinyl, carpet etc.
  • the texture of the surface, from smooth (most slippery) to rough (least slippery)
  • how sound the surface is, loose and flaking materials increase the risk of slips and trips

Factors affecting the risk of slips, trips and falls:

  • the function of the space, e.g. pedestrian traffic getting from A to B, a kitchen, a workshop, a factory etc.
  • surrounding hazards and the outcome of a slip or fall, e.g. a fall on steps or stairs could be more dangerous than on a flat floor; in kitchens where there are hot surfaces; near machinery; etc. so it is prudent to have surfaces with a greater slip-resistance in these areas.
  • if the floor becomes wet either by direct rainfall (outside surfaces) or water tracked on to the surface by pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • if the floor becomes wet or greasy through spillages, leakages, condensation or tracked from elsewhere (mud, oil, etc.)
  • the type of materials spilt, e.g. oil (cooking or fuel), water, food, swarf, lubricants, fuel etc.
  • the volume and type of traffic across the surface
  • the temperature of the space - i.e. can ice form? - either outdoors or in freezers and refrigerated spaces
  • the gradient and smoothness of the surface, e.g. ramps will need a greater slip resistance

slip-resistance vs. ease of cleaning

In general, the rougher the texture of the surface the greater the slip resistance will be.  The banner image at the top of the page shows the difference in texture of the floor finish when either a coarse-grade, medium-grade or fine-grade of aggregate is added to the same resin floor coating product.  Unfortunately, slip-resistant floors not only grip shoes and wheels better, they also grip dirt better as well. In areas where hygiene is particularly sensitive, such as kitchens, operating theatres, food production factories, a fine balance needs to be struck between adequate slip resistance to mitigate risk of slipping and a textured surface that can still be thoroughly cleaned easily. 

preparation is key

When applying a floor paint, resin coating or screed it is vital that the correct preparation is carried out. Regardless of whether the product is cheap or expensive, if the correct preparation is not done, the flooring can fail. All products come with instructions on how to apply it AND how to prepare the surface BEFORE applying it. Surfaces must be clean and sound e.g. free of dust, dirt, and any flaking or loose materials. They must also be free from any contaminants. Grease and fats can be removed with products such as RS Fats and Grease Remover; oil and fuels with RS Oil Remover. Any cracks, chips and potholes must be repaired before applying floor coating, they will not bridge or cover-over the damage, see concrete floor repairs for further advice. The surface must then be abraded to provide a key, this can be done by mechanical means, enclosed shot blasting, scarification, grinding etc..  If the surface has moisture trapped within it a liquid damp proof membrane such as RS Dampshield or Pumaprime DPM should be used to suppress it, if not the moisture can prevent adhesion of the product to the surface. Some products may also require a primer, the correct primer for the product must be used and the floor paint applied at the right time. Some products should be applied while the primer coat is still tacky, others must be applied to a tack-free coating, so it is important to check the instructions for both the floor finishing product and the primer before commencing the job.

quantities and mixing

Some floor paints and coatings come in a number of parts that need to be mixed together on site to start the reaction for curing; e.g. you will receive a tin of "base", a tin of "hardener" and a bag of aggregate. The quantities of the base and hardener are measured precisely to ensure the reaction takes place, so it is imperative that the contents of each tin are fully scraped out into a mixing vessel leaving no significant residue. These parts must then be mixed together thoroughly, the more viscous the material the harder this becomes. Paints and coatings can usually be mixed with an appropriate paddle and drill. Screeds may require forced action mixers. Insufficient mixing can result in patches of material that do not cure. 


Resucoat Profile is a three part epoxy resin floor coating comprising a Resucoat Profile anti-slip floor paint coloured base, a hardener and aggregate. It is solvent free and non-tainting, making it ideal for use in kitchens and food processing areas. Once cured it provides a seamless, hygienic, easy-to-clean, textured gloss finish. It is suitable for light to medium duty industrial applications such as chemical plant rooms, factory floors, warehouses, engineering workshops, automotive and aviation areas, veterinary facilities, changing rooms and many others. Colours available: Colour Chart

Resucoat Profile HD is a variation of the standard Resucoat Profile product described above, modified for heavy duty industrial environments. 

Episeal SF is a two part epoxy resin floor coating available with a non-slip floor paint Episeal SF with aggregatechoice of aggregates to produce varying degrees of slip-resistance. The image adjacent and the banner image at the top of the page show three variations, a 1.8mm aggregate (most slip-resistant), a 0.7mm aggregate, and a 0.3mm aggregate. It is a solvent free, low odour, chemically resistant coating ideal for abattoirs, breweries, bakeries, food manufacturing and warehousing where non-tainting is essential. Available in Blue, Tile Red, Light/Mid/Slate Grey and clear.

Epigrip is a two part system available with aggregates to Epigrip with grey bauxite aggregate, uradeck seal on rightprovide an industrial-grade heavy duty slip-resistant floor coating system. Does not require a primer. It has inbuilt flexibility and provides good chemical and abrasion resistance. Suitable for forklift and vehicular traffic. Epigrip is a black epoxy resin which is broadcast with aggregate, the aggregate can either be left exposed or sealed with a clear or coloured resin topcoat. The image adjacent shows Epigrip broadcast with grey bauxite aggregate, the left hand side has been left exposed, the right hand side has been sealed with a clear coat of Uradeck. A variety of aggregate sizes, colours/appearances are available.

chemically resistant anti-slip floor paint

We have a wide range of chemically resistant anti-slip floor coating systems.  Please contact us with your specific requirements email or call 01925852225 with the type and concentration of chemicals you require resistance to. 



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