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A Quick Way to Permanently Repair Potholes in Car Parks

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a quick way to repair potholes in tarmac car parks, driveways, roads and service yards

Instant Cold-Applied Pothole Repair System that only needs to be Compactedit can be 

Instant Road Repair is a ready to use out of of the tub cold-applied Instant Road Repair cold asphalt pothole hole filler for fast asphalt concrete with 6mm graded aggregate. It can be used in weather including wet/raining and cold/freezing. 

NO hot works, IRR is applied cold and compacted

Brush out the pothole you want to repair to remove standing water and, debris and loose materials. Ensure that there are no loose stones / aggregate in the existing road build up. If the Instant Road Repair (IRR) bonds to loose material it won't be anchored down effectively. The bond won't fail but the loose materials can come away from the exisitng road and the whole repair could pull out. 


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