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joint sealants for warehouse floors




Arbothane 1245 is a single component gun-applied polyurethane sealant ideal for sealing floor joints in warehouses with joint size 6-25mm. Forms a tough rubber-like flexible seal when left to cure in the moisture vapour from the air, and takes around 90 minutes to skin. Arbothane 1245 has moderate resistance to dilute akalis and acids.

Hybriflex FL is a single component gun applied high modulousHybriflex FL warehouse floor joint sealant  hybrid floor joint sealant.  It combines the best of silicone and polyurethane technologies to produce a flexible solvent-free sealant. It has good abrasion resistance and is suitable for forklift truck traffic when fully cured. Hybriflex FL is an ideal joint sealant for highly trafficked warehouse and factory floors. Can be applied on damp surfaces and can be usually be overpainted. 

Thioflex 600 is two-part polysulphide sealant available in either gun-grade or pouring-grade.  It is good for use on movement and stress relief joints in concrete floors, with 5-50mm joint widths. Thioflex has good chemical resistance including fuels and dilute acids and alkalis. It has a high resistance to aging and forms a tough rubber-like seal. Used in conjunction with Primer 7 or Primer 4.

Sikaflex Pro 3 WF is a multi-purpose floor joint sealant ideal for warehouse and production areas. It is a single-part elastic polyurethane, gun-applied, moisture curing sealant for joint widths from 10-35mm. Suitable for movement joints and construction joints. Porous surfaces such as concrete must be primed with Sika Primer-3 N.  Also suited for use externally on car parks, parking decks, walkways.

Expoflex 800 is a two-component heavy duty elastomeric joint sealant with excellent abrasion resistance, ideal for joints trafficked by vehicles in warehouses, distribution depots and factories. It can be applied to give a flush finish for joints 5-50mm wide that experience limited movement. Expoflex 800 has good chemical resistance including fuels and oils.

Sikaflex Floor is a single part moisture curing elastic floor sealant. Ideal for sealing crack control joints in industrial floors, abutment joints between pre-cast floor units and floor construction joints. Suitable for 3-10mm joint widths. Porous surfaces such as concrete must be primed with Sika Primer-3 N.

Sikaflex EBT is a fast-curing single part permanently-elastic polyurethane sealant, which can also be utilised as an adhesive and gap filler in a wide variety of construction maintenance situations. For joint width between 10-20mm.


Epoflex VJ (formerly called  Resujoint P) is a two-part pourable modified epoxy resin  Warehouse floor joint sealant for resin coated and screeded floors  jointing compound. Ideal for use on warehouse floors with resin screeds and self-smoothing / self levelling screeds to maintain a seamless finish across movement joints (contraction / expansion joints). Also suitable for use with granolithic floors, epoxy screeds, polymer modified screeds, concrete floors, asphalt and polyurethane screeds. Available in a range of colours, it accommodates low level movement in the joint and creates a contiuous hygienic easy-to-clean floor surface.   

Pumexpand P is  a pourable polyurethane modified epoxy for use in filling resin flooring joint compound for warehousesand sealing saw-cut joints and movement / expansion joints in resin based flooring. It is ideally suited to industrial environments and has good chemical resistance, including fuels, acids and alkalis. It is a high modulous compound that will accommodate low movement between floor slabs. Pumexpand has good abrassion resistance and can withstand heavy trafficking when installed correctly. Pumaprime SF to be used as a primer. It is available in a range of standard colours.


Backing rod - polyethylene foam cord for use as a high performance joint filler and backing rod, available in a wide variety of diameters to suit joint widths. Closed-cell, cross-linked, fine cell,  

Hydrocell XL non-absorbent, cross linked, closed cell, polyethylene joint filler to support sealants and prevent sag, limit joint depths, and forming or filling expansion joints between adjacent precast or in-situ concrete floor slabs.

Polyethylene foam sheets - polyethylene foam sheets available in different densities and widths to suit joint width and function. High performance joint filler and joint former in easy-to-cut rot-proof sheets.



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