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Installation, Maintenance & Repair Materials Specification help for Engineers

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Installation, Maintenance & Repair Materials Specification help for Engineers

Product usability, strength, curing times, yield, lead times and cost advice to help you to specify and procure the right materials for your project

Acorn Construction Supplies have been supporting engineers for almost 30 years in both the design and realisation of projects. At design stage we can help advise on product selection, specification and application methodologies, best value for money products, product alternatives and any new products that have been developed for specific applications. During the realisation of projects we supply products to the engineers and contractors carrying out works. Again we can advise on best value for money products, product alternatives and any new products. We work closely with manufacturers and have helped to develop new product variations for our customers' specific engineering challenges. Our product range is extremely wide, so if you can't find exactly what you want, call us or message us and we will help you to find a product that suits your application requirements.

Some product categories that maybe of most interest are:


Formwork treatments & concrete curing compounds

We supply formwork treatments, to achieve high quality surface finishes for in situ concrete and to enable greater reuse of formwork.  Both traditional and environmentally friendly formwork release agents.  Concrete curing compounds to regulate moisture loss from concrete and prevent cracking and crazing due to shrinkage. Surface retarders to uniformly expose the aggregate where required, debonding coatings and ancillaries.  Click here to see products.

Non-shrink Grouts

Non-shrink grouts

Non-shrink grouts, or more accurately shrinkage compensated grouts, including cementitious non-shrink grouts, epoxy resin grouts, anchor grouts and injection grouts

Ultra High Strength Grouts

Ultra high strength grout

Ultra high strength grouts achieving final compressive strengths of over 100N.  For heavy duty applications such as wind turbine bases, ground anchors, crane rail tracks, vibrating machinery and bridge bearing seats.

Anchoring & Fixing

Anchoring and fixing resin grouts

Non-shrink resin anchor grouts and fixing products for a wide range of applications.  Including fixing down bolts, anchoring studs, access ladders, railings, wall ties, dowel bars and bridge bearings.  Ultra high pull-out strength products and rapid setting products are available.

Sealants & Adhesives

Sealants for external & internal movement expansion joints

Sealants for vertical and horizontal movement joints, often refered to as expansion joints, for indoor and outdoor applications.  Sealants for floor slabs, bridges, airport runways, concrete structures, facades, swimming pools, etc.

Machinery & plant installation & relocation 

machinery & plant installation & relocation grout & resin anchors

Grouts for machine and plant baseplates and anchoring fixings.  Our range includes products that can cope with the rigorous demands of the heaviest vibrating machinery and repetitive dynamic loadings, such as drop forges, reciprocating machines, crane rails, paper machines and wind turbines. For products click here.


Water proofing concrete structures

Waterproofing solutions such as hydrophilic water bars, water plugging / water stopping material for live leaks, tanking slurries and sheeting. Basement and below ground structures waterproofing solutions, as well as water-retaining structures such as dams, bunds, flood defences, swimming pools and tanks.

Fast-track highways installation, repair & maintenance

Highways roads pavements motorway installation repair and maintenance materials

Fast-track highways installation, repair and maintenance materials for motorways, roads, pavements, cycle paths, shared surfaces and the like. Including bridge deck coverings, ironwork frame fixings, slip resistant surfacing, vehicle barrier anchoring, post-fixing, kerb bedding etc.

concrete structure repairs

concrete structure repair materials rusting rebar

Materials for repairing concrete structures such as bridges, concrete framed buildings, bean, columns, soffits.

concrete floor repairs

concrete floor repair materials

Materials for repairing floors, including patch repairs for holes and potholes, resurfacing, relevelling and large scale repairs.

crack repairs

Repairing a crck

Resin injection systems for filling and repairing cracked concrete. Resins for horizontal, vertical and inverted applications, including thixotropic and low viscosity resins for ultra fine crack repair.


Civil engineering tunnel products

Products and materials for new tunnels and tunnel refurbishment.  Our range includes grouting, water-stopping, waterproofing, jointing, sealing, pointing, caulking, sprayed lining and coating products.


Sea wall flood defence repair

We supply products that can withstand the aggressive conditions found in marine environments.  These include high performance anti-wash out grouts and mortars, products that can be applied in very wet and underwater conditions, and fast-setting materials for application in between tides. Both offshore and onshore (coastal, docks, quays, ports etc) installation, repair and maintenance are covered, including wind turbine installation.


Chemically hazardous environment

Materials and coatings to protect concrete structures such as floors, yards, bunds, dams, slabs, tanks, pits and retaining walls.  For use in everything from light duty to heavy duty industry and manufacturing, such as printing, paper production, chemical production, food industry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical refinement and water treatment.




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