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Specialist Materials Technical and Specification Advice for Building Surveyors

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Specialist Materials Technical and Specification Advice for Building Surveyors


We can help with you with product and application methodology specifications; including information on best value for purpose, product alternatives and technical advice.  We can supply materials quickly to deal with reactive maintenance requirements with our nationwide delivery service. 

Building Surveyors are often called upon to solve the most challenging and problematic building issues.  We have many specialist construction and maintenance products that can help to resolve even the most difficult technical building details.

Product groups you might be most interested in:

General Concrete Repairs

arcon broken concrete step repair

We supply products and materials for general concrete repairs such as patch repairing concrete or stone steps where arisses and nosings have chipped or broken away.  These materials can also be used to patch repair holes or potholes in concrete floors, yards, car parks, decks, ramps and many other situations.  Click here to see products. Information, instructions and tips for carrying out general concrete repairs can be found here.


Waterproof wall coating

Building Surveyors are often called to leaking or damp structures and asked for solutions.  We have a large number of retro-fit, remedial systems that can be specified to plug live leaks, suppress moisture ingress,  protect structure and reinforcement, bridge cracks and waterproof surfaces. We are happy to talk through options, costs, benefits and draw-backs of all solutions available.


Slip resistant treatments for steps, ramps, landings, corridors & walkways

Solutions for slippery surfaces, especially step, ramps and walkways, and DDA enhancements are another common task for building surveyors.  We supply a large range of economical products that can be retrospectively fitted to indoor and outdoor staircases, ramps, walkways etc.  High visually contrasting slip-resistant stair nosings, including glow-in-the-dark options, can be fitted as a stand alone item or part of a wider scheme.


Structural Concrete Repair Products and Anti-Carbonation Coatings

Broken, cracked, loose, blown sections, spalled concrete with exposed rusting rebar / corroding reinforcement.  We supply concrete repair materials for columns, lintels, beams, soffits, floors, bridges, decks, tunnels, culverts and almost all other concrete structures - even in aggressive or highly sensitive environments such as water supply infrastructure.  Our ranges include cement-based repair products, resin-based products and anti-carbonation & protective coatings. 

SEamless resin floor finishes

Seamless hygienic resin floor finish in brewery

Hygienic floor paints, coatings and screeds for all manner of functions from industry to domestic to commercial and public sector. Protective coatings and screeds for chemically aggressive environments.  Heat resistant resin floor finishes.  Slip-resistant surface finishes.  And decorative finishes for domestic and commercial schemes.

Hygienic Seamless Resin Wall Coatings

Hygienic seamless resin wall coatings for toilets, wash rooms, hygiene suites

Hygienic seamless resin wall coatings for washrooms, toilets, hygiene suites, healthcare suites, operating theatres, custody suites, veterinary suites, food production facilities and similar. A cost-effective alternative to white rock sheeting without any abutment joints.


Line Markings, zoning, pedestrian routes and wayfinding

Resin, thermoplastic and spray paints for surveying markings, line-marking, space zoning, defining pedestrian/cycling/vehicular routes and way finding. 


instant cold pothole repairs, yard and road repairs

Installation, repair and maintenance materials for car parks, distribution yards, driveways, pavements, cycle paths, roads and highways.  Instantly traffickable materials to get areas back up and running quickly.

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