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FERFA Synthetic Resin Flooring Types

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a guide to types of synthetic resin flooring (ferfa)


Synthetic flooring resins are categorised into 8 broad types with similar characteristics, grouped in terms of use, duty, thickness and make-up. An organisation called FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) developed the types which now form part of BS 8204-6, Section 6.2.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that each type can contain synthetic resins with different chemical compositions that also govern the performance characteristics of the resin. For example, epoxy resins will generally not perform as well as polyurethane resins to thermal shock no matter which 'type' they are categorised in. So it is important to review the data sheets to ensure that each different product is suitable for the intended application.

Synthetic resins can be formulated from epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate, acrylic, polyester, poly-aspartic etc. The most common supplied by Arcon are epoxy and polyurethane based resins.

Resins can also be solvent based or water-based / water borne. Solvent based products have high volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.  These compounds turn into vapours or gases easily and can be harmful to health when inhaled. 


Name: Floor seal

Description: Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent or water borne.

Duty: Light Duty

Typical thickness: up to 150μm


Name: Floor coating

Description: Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent free.

Duty: Light / Medium Duty

Typical thickness: 150μm to 300μm


Name: High build floor coating

Description: Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent free.

Duty: Medium Duty

Typical thickness: 300μm to 1000μm


Name: Multi-layer flooring

Description: Aggregate dressed system based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow-applied floorings, often described as 'sandwich' systems.

Duty: Medium / Heavy Duty

Typical thickness: >2mm


Name: Flow-applied flooring

Description: Often referred to as 'self-smoothing' or 'self-levelling' flooring and having a smooth surface.

Duty: Medium / Heavy Duty

Typical thickness: 2mm to 3mm


Name: Resin screed flooring

Description: Trowel-finished, heavily filled systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimise porosity.

Duty: Medium / Heavy Duty

Typical thickness: >4mm


Name: Heavy duty flowable flooring

Description: Having a smooth surface.

Duty: Heavy / Very Heavy Duty

Typical thickness: 4mm to 6mm


Name: Heavy duty resin flooring

Description: Trowel-finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thickness.

Duty: Heavy / Very Heavy Duty

Typical thickness: >6mm


There may be several surface finishes available within each broad resin type, e.g. matt, satin and gloss. Some may incorporate the addition of aggregates for slip-resistance, coloured or metallic flakes for decoration or contain decorative aggregates - such as terrazzo, resin-bound and resin-bonded systems - which may or may not require preparation such as grinding or polishing of their layers.  Others may contain additivities to make them electro-static dissipative / antic-static / conductive.  

Resin floors can be highly chemically resistant but it is important to check the type, concentration and likely duration of contact of the specific chemical in each circumstance to select the right resin products. Some resin can be sacrificial, i.e. they protect the substrate from chemical attack (such as a spillage) but they are damaged during the contact period and require replacing afterwards. Others can withstand constant contact and can be used for bunded areas and tanks.  So again, it is important to check the project specific details.

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