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The Basics - Resin Floor Paint, Coatings & Screeds

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The Basics - Resin Floor Paint, Coatings & Screeds


Resin floor and wall finishes can be categorised as paints, coatings or screeds. The principal differences between them are summarised under the headings below, and can be explored in more detail by following the links which also include information on specific products in each category.

We supply two main types of resin floor and wall finishes - epoxy and polyurethane.  Both have excellent performance characteristics but there are a few important differences.  By in large polyurethanes can withstand higher temperatures than epoxies, so the type of environment, cleaning regime and nature of any potential spillages need to be taken into account when selecting a product. 

Key factors such as cost, ease of use and preparation requirements are commonly driving influences behind product selection.

Other important considerations are requirements for chemical resistance, UV stability, degree of anti-slip finish, surface appearance, longevity, as well as the type (e.g. pedestrians, trolleys, machinery, forklift trucks or HVGs) and amount of traffic the surface will be subjected to.  Contact us if you are not sure which products match your requirements.

More often than not there is a perfect product available that matches all of your requirements; however, sometimes a balance between performance and budget needs to be found.

Concrete floor sealers, hardeners and dust proofers

Concrete floor sealers, hardeners and dust proofers

If a concrete floor is dusting or very porous and no decorative visual impact is required then applying a floor sealer or dust proofer might be the prefered option.  They come in a variety of systems, from one part use-straight-from-the-tin acryllics to powders mixed with water.  'Dry-shake' systems broadcast on to a concrete floor can give a slip-resistant finish. For products click here.  

Floor Paints

Garage resin floor paint

Floor paints are the cheapest and easiest resin floor finish products to apply. There is no mixing of different components, they are one-part, so can be applied straight from the tin by brush roller or spray. However, they generally do not last as long as coatings or screeds and are less resistant to abrasion, traffic and chemical attack. They are best suited to domestic garages or light industrial/commercial use. Agregate can be added to give additional slip resistance to provide what is commonly refered to as a non-slip finish. Click here for more about our Floor Paint Products

Coatings & Self-Levellers

self-leveling resin floor finishes & coatings

Coatings are usually two-part, comprising a base and hardener, which are mixed together thoroughly on site prior to application.  If a slip-resistant finish is required then varying grades of aggregate can be added to the mix.  Coatings vary in thickness from basic coatings through to high-build coatings and self-levellers.  Click here for information on products available.

Resin Floor Screeds

resin floor screeded drainage channel

We supply two main types of resin floor screed, polyurethane resin floor screeds and epoxy resin floor screeds. Both are generally 3-part, comprising a base, hardener and aggregate.

Other aspects to consider when selecting a resin floor finish are:


Surface applied DPMs

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