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Is the tarmac on your roads, car parks, driveways or pathways deteriorating rapidly due to the winters freezing conditions?
Has harsh freezing weather combined with general wear and tear left pot holes and trip hazards in old asphalt surfaces?
Are your vehicles, car / vans / lorries / forklift trucks, being damaged?
What do you need for the repair of pot holes in your tarmac road surfaces and pathways?

You need a cold applied instant pothole repair product that:

  • Is simple, safe, economical and easy to apply
  • Can be used in wet freezing conditions
  • Requires the minimum of preparation
  • Can be trafficked immediately
  • Looks like tarmac and is solvent free
  • Does not need heating to apply
  • Requires only one visit to repair potholes
  • Really does work with a proven nationwide track record

The answer, Ultracrete Instant Road Repair, is the most suitable product for the repair of potholes in roads, driveways and car parks. It can be trafficked instantly in wet, freezing or hot conditions, and at the same time is compatible with the existing road surface. Its ease of use ensures permanent pothole repairs for tarmac and asphalt trafficable surfaces.

Using Ultracrete Instant Road Repair is a simple operation:

Excavate and remove all loose tarmac.

Spray the edges of the repair with Ulracrete CJS cold joint sealer

Fill the area to excess with Ultracrete Instant Road Repair

Compact to the traffic level. The repair is immediately ready for vehicles

For economical thickness grade pot hole repair and infills around manhole frames use Ultracrete Instant Road Repair. Designed for the professional in different hardstone aggregate gradings the product is HAPAS and British Board of Agrement approved and ensures successful repairs.


Cracks and other defects in blacktop and concrete can be repaired using Nuproof a rubberised bituminous alkali-resistant coating. 

Tarmac Restorer - a high perfomance surface coatin specially fomulated to rejuvinated tired, old tarmac. It restores tarmac to its original newly laid look and accepts traffic after 4 hours in favourable conditions.




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