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Self-Levelling Resin Flooring Screeds

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Self-Levelling Resin Flooring Screeds


Although the term 'self-leveling floor screed' is most frequently used to high gloss finish epoxy resin self-levelling floor screed describe flowable resin floor screeds, it is not strictly true; so 'self-smoothing', 'flowable' or 'flow-applied' are more accurate descriptions. The term self-levelling suggests that it is possible to pour the resin screed on to an unlevel surface and it will hide all of the imperfections to give a perfectly level floor. However, surface potholes, undulations and out-of-level floors should be repaired/addressed prior to applying a flowable screed, because it will simply follow the profile of the floor, smoothing itself over the profile of the undulations. 

The Resin Flooring Association categorises two types of flowable resin flooring:

  • TYPE 5: Flow applied flooring suitable for medium to heavy duty applications, laid at 2-3mm thickness.
  • TYPE 7: Heavy duty flowable flooring suitable for heavy and very heavy duty applications, laid at 4-6mm thickness. 



Resuthane SL is a three-part polyurethane flow-applied resin floor screed Resin floor finishes for shops and shopping centresthat comes in two grades. Resuthane SL 23 is laid at 2-3mm and Resuthane SL 45 is laid at 4-5mm.  Both grades have a self-sealing smooth matt finish with good inherent slip-resistance. It can be used for a wide variety of applications from commercial through to heavy industrial and comes in a range of standard colours Colour Chart. Resuthane SL has excellent abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and is resistant to thermal shock.  Classified as non-tainting and food safe it this self-smoothing resin floor screed is suitable for restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, butchers, bakeries, food and beverage processing / manufacturing and Smooth seamless PU resin floor with matt finish  packaging facilities. It is used in labs, pharmaceuticals and test facilities smooth matt hygienic surface makes it easy to clean. Able to withstand heavy plant and traffic it is also used in automotive and aviation production areas, workshops, engineering units, chemical plants and other industrial areas. However, it can also be used as an extremely hardwearing decorative seamless floor finish in areas with high footfall such as stadiums, conference centres, shopping centres, department stores and lobbies.

Pumadur SL is a three-part polyurethane flow-applied resin floor screed that is laid at 2-3mm, providing a smooth seamless matt floor finish. It has high chemical and abrasion resistance suitable for medium duty applications in industrial environments. Also available in an electrostatic dissipative grade (see below).

Pumathane SL is a flexible PU resin floor screed that has a semi-gloss finish

Pumathane SL UVR is a high specification polyurethane self-smoothing Pumathane SL UVR flexible PU resin flooring in hot pink RAL 4010seamless resin floor screed that has a gloss finish, but is also available in silk or matt on request. It has inherent FLEXIBILITY and can be applied to a variety of substrates such as concrete, sand/cement screeds, steel, timber and asphalt. Pumathane SL UVR is UV STABLE or LIGHT RESISTANT i.e. it will not yellow in direct sunlight or over time.  


Pumaflow is a three-part flow-applied epoxy resin floor screed laid at 2-3m with a smooth gloss finish. It suits medium duty applications, has good chemical and excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Suitable for industrial applications such as food, beverage, engineering and chemical processing / manufacture. It's glossy easy to clean hygienic surface finish make it ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, labs and schools. It's high gloss finish also lends itself to areas where highly durable decorative floor finishes are required such as hotels, lobbies, receptions, stadia, transport exchanges, railway stations, airports etc. Standard colour chart, white is also available. 

Resuflor VF is a flow-applied epoxy resin floor screed laid at 2-3mm to provide a smooth high-gloss finish. It provides a robust chemically resistant surface that is also decorative.


Pumaflow ESD

Pumadur SL ESD

Resustat SL23 is a four-part polyurethane electrostatic dissipative self-smoothing flooring. It is designed for areas that require anti-static, hard-wearing and chemically resistant floor surface - such as pharmaceutical production, electronics manufacturing, explosives factories, operating theatres, food processing, tv studios and chemical plants. It is laid at 3mm thick and provides a seamless, smooth matt finish. Resustat SL23 meets the performance requirements of BS 2050 for industrial floors. The Resustat SL23 Anti-static Flooring System has an electrical conductivity leakage resistance of 5 x 104 to 108 ohms when tested to BS2050/1978.


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