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WRAS Approved Grouts, Repair Mortars & Sealants

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WRAS Approved Grouts, Repair Mortars, Coatings & Sealants

construction, repair & civil engineering materials for the water industry

Arcon supply a range of products designed for use on building and engineering structures in the water industry that carry WRAS approval. WRAS stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.  Approvals can be given to products and materials that come into contact with the public mains water supply in the UK, to ensure that they comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws.

See also Regulation 31 & Approved Products for use in Public Water Supply in the United Kingdom

WRAS Approved Sealants

WRAS Approved Joint Sealants for Concrete Structures

WRAS approved sealants for sealing movement joints in structures such as potable water tanks, reservoirs, retaining structures, dams, culverts, waste water treatment plants etc. Call us for details on 01925 85 2225

WRAS Approved Concrete Repair Materials

WRAS Approved Concrete Repair Materials

WRAS approved materials for concrete repairs in water supply and water treatment include Renderoc ST05Renderoc Plug 20. For overhead and vertical structural concrete repairs, Intercrete 4800 (formerly known as Monomix) is a WRAS/DWI high strength low density R3 concrete repair mortar for beams, columns, lintels, soffits, overhangs etc. Intercrete 4807 (formerly known as TieFill) used for filling tie holes, gaps around fixings and holes, it is a rapid-setting waterproof class R4 cementitious mortar. 

WRAS Approved Concrete and Steel Coatings

WRAS Approved Concrete and Steel Coatings

WRAS approved materials for coating concrete and steel include Nitocote EP405 a high build-epoxy resin coating and cementitious waterproof coatings, such as Nitocote CM210, for water retaining and water excluding structures. Sikagard-62 is also suitable for contact with potable water (DWI Ref Number 56.4.197). Brushbond FLXII is a WRAS approved elastomeric waterproofing coating. Intercrete 4871 (formally known as Steel Reinforcement Protector 841) is a WRAS & DWI approved protective coating for steel reinforcement. Intercrete 4841 (formally known as Cementitious Coating 851) is a brush, trowel or spray applied internal and external waterproofing and protective coating - gives excellent chemical resistance including sulphate contaminated ground and chloride attack - good adhesion to concrete and steel. 

WRAS Approved building and structural adhesives

WRAS Approved structural and building adhesives

Sikadur-31DW a thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive and repair mortar designed for use in contact with drinking water.  It can be used in a wide variety of fixing, filling and repairing applications, however their WRAS approval relates solely to their use with Sikadur Combiflex (see below).

WRAS approved crack bridging and joint sealing systems

WRA Approved crack bridging and joint sealing systems

Sikadur Combiflex System is a WRAS approved system used to bridge cracks and seal connection and movement (both expansion and contraction) joints in water retaining and water industry structures.  It has been used in water supply reservoirs, culverts, tunnels, tanks, pipes, wastewater treatment plants and hydro-electric power plants to name just a few applications.  

WRAS approved water stopping and water bars

WRA Approved water stopping and waterbars

Water stops and water bars are used in in situ concrete structures to prevent water leaking through construction joints and junctions. WRAS approved rigid waterstops include Supercast PVC Waterstop Hydrofoil. WRAS approved hydrophilic swellable water bars include Supercast SW10, Supercast SW20 and Supercast SW30


WRAS approved formwork release agents

Call us for WRAs approved chemical release agents on 01925 85 2225

WRAS Approved concrete curing agents

Chemcure S is a WRAs approved concrete curing compound designed to be applied to fresh concrete to reduce the rate of moisture loss to reduce the risk of concrete cracking, strengthen and hardener the surface of the concrete. Ideal for use in reservoirs and other potable water structures.  


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