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Repair and Maintenance Products for Buildings, Structures and Hard Landscaping

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Repair and Maintenance Products for Buildings, Structures and Hard Landscapings

Non-shrink grouts, concrete repair materials, sealants, construction adhesives, waterproofing, resin flooring, protective coatings, anti-slip surfaces and more

We stock a huge range of specialist repair and maintenance materials for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses.  From building and structural repairs to road and landscape maintenance.  We can help you specify the right products for your exact requirements and offer nationwide delivery on stock items within 24hrs.  We have materials that can quickly resolve reactive maintenance issues, as well as products that suit scheduled planned / programmed maintenance.  Maintenance issues can sometimes be a real pain, causing health and safety headaches and take areas out of operation.  We understand the need for repairs to be carried out quickly and for areas to be full operational as quickly as possible, so many of our product ranges include fast-track solutions for easy application and a rapid return to service. 

General Concrete Repairs

General concrete repair materials including floors

High strength repair materials for repairing steps & stairs, concrete copings & kerbs, potholes in concrete slabs & floors, and almost all other situations.  Materials for internal and external applications, to repair thick sections to feather edges.  Fast-track products with rapid strength gain to enable very early trafficking by both pedestrians and vehicles.  For general concrete repair products click here.  For application methodologies click here. 

Pothole Repairs

Permanent cold-applied pothole repairs in tarmac

Instant pothole repair in macadam surfaces – cold-applied patch repair materials for footpaths, cycle paths, driveways, car parks, goods yards, roads and highways; which can be instantly trafficked by pedestrians and vehicles. Click here for product details.

kerb bedding, stone bonding & paving joint filling

Stone, kerb, coping & paving bedding & jointing

Our product range includes materials with exceptional bond strength to bed kerbs, copings and paving stones quickly and securely.  General building adhesives to bond stone, concrete, marble, tile, metal, glass and timber.  Jointing materials for new jointing, replacement joint (if sand or other jointing materials have washed-out) joint repairs and sealants. For general building adhesives click here. For bedding and jointing materials click here.

Concrete floor, slab & yard repairs

External outdoor concrete resurfacing

Repair products for spalled, damaged, cracked or flaking concrete surfaces. Chemically resistant products to protect concrete flabs, slabs and yards from chemical attack.  Materials to repair existing concrete and resin screeds, or provide wholesale replacements.  Surface sealers and dust proofers to prevent the creation of dust, air-borne particles and damage to concrete floors and slabs.  Levelling screeds to take out level differences or to introduce falls for drainage for purposes for example. For concrete surface repairs and screeds click here.  For crack repairs click here.

Slip-resistant coatings for indoor & outdoor surfaces

Slip resistant surfaces for indoor and outdoor surfaces

Anti-slip coatings for new and existing concrete surfaces.  – paints, coatings and screeds with choices of surface finishes and slip-resistant aggregates.  Products for both indoor / internal and outdoor / external uses such as floors, steps, ramps, stairs, car parks and many more.  Preformed reinforced slip-resistant treads, strips, and stair-nosing angles for step edges, available in high visibility colours and varying degrees of slip resistance for both indoor and outdoor purposes. For products click here.

Resin floor finishes

Resin floor with coloured demarcation zones and line markings

We supply wide variety of resin flooring products from paints and coatings to high build screeds, for both internal and external surfaces. Coloured resin floor coatings and line-markings for zoning & demarking car parks, factory floors, service yards, commercial interiors.  We can supply bespoke colours and decorative resin floor finishes when required and slip-resistant options are available in all resin floor ranges. For resin flooring products click here.

Joints & sealants

movement expansion joint sealants

We have a range of general purpose sealants, movement joint (expansion / contraction) sealants for internal and external applications, floor joint sealants, intumescent and fire retardant sealants; as well as tough heavy duty floor joint repair sealants.  For industrial joint sealant products click here.

Concrete structure repairs

exposed rusting concrete reinforcement bars

Patch repair mortars for damaged concrete beams, columns, facades soffits etc. including vertical and overhead situations.  Protective concrete coatings, anti-carbonation coatings, repairs and coatings for exposed steel reinforcement bars.  Fast-track repair solutions available for fast curing and rapid strength gain. For products click here.


Waterproofing and tanking solutions for basements, cellars, foundation walls, retaining walls and floors.  We also supply water-stopping products to stop / plug live running water leaks.  For products click here.

Industrial cleaning

tire mark remover

We supply industrial products for the removal of tire marks, lichen, graffiti, chewing gum, brick / pointing efflorescence, resin and paint spills. For products click here.

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