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LU Approved Sealants for Use on London Underground

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LU Approved Sealants for Use on London Underground

Movement / Expansion Joint sealants for floors, walls, facades, car park / bridge decks and more...

Sealants authorized for use on London Underground and appear on the LUL LU approved london underground rail track sealantsLU Approved Products Register (LU APR) at the time of writing. The LU APR is kept up-to-date constantly, so check that products are still on the register when you are enquiring for prices and quotes. When specifying sealants ensure that the material can accommodate the design / anticipated movement in both expansion and compression. 

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LUL Approved Sealants for London Underground

Arbomeric MP20 is a high modulus one part modified polymer construction sealant approved for use above and below ground by concession. It cures to form tough robust but flexible seal. Applications include sealing expansion and contraction structural joints in heavily trafficked floors and sealing structural joints in heavy cladding. It is not suited to use with lightweight cladding. Available in black / white / grey. 

Thioflex 600 is a hard wearing polysulphide sealant that comes in two grades - gun grade and pouring grade. It has excellent chemical resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, fuels and oils. Thioflex 600 forms a tough but flexible elastic-like seal that can tolerate pronounced cyclic and continuous movement. Typical uses include sealing movement joints in both civil engineering and building projects such as heavily trafficked floors, reservoirs, superstructure, basements, subways, sewers, high rise buildings, retaining walls, expansion joints, stress-relief joints and in brickwork. It has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including brick, glass, steel, concrete etc. Thioflex 600 can be used in permanently  immersed situations and is DWI approved. Thioflex 600 has excellent resistance to aging and is ideal for use in locations that will be difficult to access for future maintenance.

Arbokol 2150 is accepted for use in surface locations and depots; it is not for below ground applications. This sealant can be used for joints requiring chemical resistance. Arbokol 2150 is a hard wearing two part polysulphide sealant. Applications include floor joints in heavily trafficked areas, joints in concrete structures, joints in water retaining structures (non-potable water), joints in sewers and sewerage systems (tanks, tunnels, pipes etc), joints in flat roofs, amongst others. Arbokol 2150 has good adhesion to concrete, stone, many metals, and many other common construction substrates. Available in grey or black on special order.

Nitoseal MS 600 is a medium modulus one part civil engineering sealant based on hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. It can accommodate pronounced cyclic and continuous movement. Nitoseal MS600 forms a highly durable elastic seal that has good chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance and has a high resistance to aging. Common applications include sealing joints civil engineering structures that will become partially or fully immersed during operation, sewers, bridges, subways, parapets, tanks and water retaining structures. Nitoseal MS600 can be applied in cold and damp conditions. Available in grey and other colours by special request subject to min order quants. 

Arbosil 1096 Sealant is a low modulus one part silicone sealant that cures to form an elastic silicone rubber seal. Arbosil 1096 is accepted for all London Underground locations, including below ground applications by concession. It is used for sealing the perimeter of curtain walls, weather seals, glass wall assemblies, glazing joints, glass-to-glass joints, sealing joints between polycarbonate sheeting and joint between acrylic sheeting. Arbosil 1096 is compatible for use with polyester powder coated (PPC) frames and structural components; also compatible with PCU (PVCu) frames. Not compatible with natural stone. Available in a range of colours.

Mapeflex PU30 * is a two part epoxy polyurethane thixotropic sealant for internal and external applications. It can tolerate forklift truck and vehicle traffic in floors, pavements, car parks, service yards, loading bays etc. Mapeflex PU30 can also be used to form elastic fillet seals for machine beds and seals for pipework, manhole covers and drains; however it should not be used on damp substrates or substrates where rising damp might occur. 

Mapesil AC * is a one part acetic crosslinking, solvent-free, mould-resistant, multi-purpose silicone sealant. Uses include perimeter seals around sanitaryware, sealing around doors, windows and glazing, sealing around ducts and pipework. Mapesil AC has good chemical and thermal resistance.  It is available in 34 colours or clear. Not suitable for locations that require good abrasion resistance.

Mapesil LM * is a one part, low modulus, thixotropic, low odour, mould-resistant, neutral-reticulation silicone  sealant compatible for use with natural stone including marble, granite, sandstone and quartz.


*may be subject to minimum order quantities.


LU Approved Grouts for use on London Underground projects

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