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LU Approved Grouts for Use on London Underground

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LUL / LU Approved Grouts for Use on London Underground

Non-shrink grouts for civil, premises and rail track applications

The LU Approved Products Register (LU - APR) is constantly kept LU Approved Grouts for London Underground Network Rail Trackup-to-date, the information below is correct at the time of writing, but check with us when you are requesting a quote or specification advice for the latest approvals. Materials are approved for use in specific locations and for specific purposes, so check that your application matches these specifics for any given material. For example some materials are approved for above ground use only. 


London Underground Approved Ultra High Strength Grouts

100 Newton Grout is an extremely high strength grout with a final compressive strength in excess of 100N. It is approved for use on civil engineering grouting application where a structural ultra-high strength grade grout is required. It is shrinkage compensated, i.e. "non-shrink", cement-based fine aggregate grout that is mixed with water to a free-flow consistency. 100 Newton Grout complies with the requirements of LU Standard 1-085 A3 'Fire Safety Performance of Materials' and, hence, is suitable for below ground applications. Safe for use with steel components such as re-bar, ties, anchors etc. it provides exceptional structural support and vibration resistance. Good freeze-thaw stability. Yields high early strength. Suitable for use in coastal zones and ports. Example applications include bridge bearing seats, grouting ground anchors, fixing holding down bolts for vibrating machinery, grouting crane rail tracks,  and baseplate grouting.

LUL Approved Grouts

Conbextra GP an easy to use general purpose cementitious grout, allows the user to vary the amount of water used during mixing to give a trowelable or flowable / pourable consistency to best suit each particular job or application. It is a non-shrink, high strength class R4 grout that can be used for grouting beneath steel stanchion / column baseplates, anchoring starter bars, fixing in tie bars, filling joints between pre-cast concrete panels, anchoring steel reinforcement bars, fixing anchor bolts, filling small voids and as bedding mortar. Suitable for pumping, pouring or trowelling. 

Ultracrete HF s a flowable / pourable cementitious high strength shrinkage compensated grout.  Formerly known as Cemflow HF, it is suitable for a wide range of civil engineering purposes where high strength is required. Common applications include bridge bearing grout, grouting beneath stanchion baseplates, bedding machinery and filling voids. Recommended minimum gap width 10mm to a maximum gap of 100mm. It can be poured or pumped. 

Conbextra HF is a flowable / pourable non-shrink cementitious grout that achieves final high strength and high early strength. It can be pumped or poured and its highly flowable nature makes it ideal for grouting under large steelwork or machinery baseplates, or grouting applications where access for pouring is difficult. It is also used for grouting voids between PCC units, grouting in reinforcement bars, tie bars and anchor bolts. 

CS Grout is a free-flowing cementitious non-shrink general purpose grout. Suitable for fixing dowel bars, starter bars, fixing, anchor bolts and ground anchors; bedding machinery; void filling between pre-cast concrete units; grouting beneath steelwork baseplates, crane rails and for bridge bearings amongst other applications. Suitable for grouting gaps between 10-100mm. Good resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack.

Natcem D is a cement-based ground stabilising and void filling waterproof grout resistant to chloride penetration. It is often used for grouting applications during sewer repairs and is approved for use in contact with potable water, it can also be injected into artesian water bearing strata. It can be used in wet and dry conditions, even under water if required.  Natcem D has excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals , has low shrinkage and excellent adhesion. 

Speedsure S Grout  a high strength non-shrink cement-based grout for rapid early strength gain and fast curing. Ideal for fast-track installation of baseplates, fast-track installation of precast units / floor planks; early trafficking / early return to use of car parks, ramps, forecourts, loading bays, services areas and the like.

Conbextra TS is a cementitious non-shrink high strength grout for wide gaps and voids in excess of 75mm up to 500mm. It can be pumped or poured, complies with Class R4 and complies with LU Standard 1-085 ‘Fire Safety Performance of Materials’. Suitable for thick sections, filling box sections and wide voids. 

Cable Grout principally designed to grout in cables in post-tensioned concrete, this high flow shrinkage compensated grout has good penetration into confined spaces and can be used for grouting cable ducts, fine fissures, filling voids, underpinning, bearing, giving structural contact between element, grouting behind tunnel linings and shafts.


Meyco MP320 - A hydrophilic grout based upon collodial silica for injection into fine joints and fissures and for the consolidation of sand and silt-based strata in ground stabilisation works.

Mapefil GP - a contact grout for Mapeplan PVC waterproofing system. Approved for London Underground and Crossrail use, see specific clauses. 

LU APR Grouts for Paving and Paved Surfaces

Ultrascape Flowpoint & Flowpoint ECO, which contains recycled glass LUL LU approved london underground rail track paving groutaggregates, are paving jointing grouts suitable for heavily trafficked paved areas including concourses and highways. 



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