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Bonding, Bedding & Fixing Copings, Kerbs & Edging Stones

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Bonding, Bedding & Fixing Coping Stones, Kerbs & Edging Stones

Structural adhesives & construction 'glues' to fix-down stone & concrete features

Copings, edging stones and kerbs can be bonded on to masonry, bedding bonding and fixing stone landscape garden features brickwork, concrete and macadam bases using structural adhesives to prevent them from loosening, falling or slipping out of place. It can also be used to bond statues, sculptures, fountains and other decorative stone or concrete items in gardens, civic spaces, parks and squares. 

Metobond 1:1 an extremely reliable high strength epoxy resin structural adhesive ideal for overhead and vertical applications. It can be used as a strong bedding mortar and repair mortar if required. It forms strong bonds with most common building materials including metals, stone, concrete, masonry, wood / timber and glass. 

Epikerb is a three part epoxy resin system designed specifically to bond concrete and stone kerbs directly to asphalt, concrete or macadam. The resin base, hardener and filler are mixed together to make a high strength mortar that can be applied to the kerb, edging or coping and bonded to the substrate. Epikerb creates a durable, long lasting bond between the surfaces that is resistant to road salts, vibration, moisture and freeze-thaw cycles.

Resupatch is a two-part epoxy repair mortar that can be used to bond kerbs directly to macadam or concrete road and parking surfaces. It has excellent resistance to vibration, chemical attack, abrasion and impact.

Tuffpatch FS is a three-part resinous epoxy repair mortar, which can be used to securely bond concrete, stone and metal elements to the ground or supporting structures.


Anchor resin grouts for fixing handrails, balustrades, barriers, railings

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