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landscaping specialist supplies - grouts, mortars, sealants, jointing compounds, resins & waterproofing


We have a wide range of products for all manner of external works and landscaping projects. Call us on 01925852225 to discuss project specific requirements, technical advice, product specification help, quotations and delivery options or fill out a CONTACT US form. 

Paving Jointing

paving jointing grouting pointing flowpoint

Products for paving jointing in all conditions for domestic / residential, commercial, civil, public and heavily trafficked areas. Time saving and cost saving solutions.  To see all paving jointing products click here.

Paving & blockwork bedding

Ironwork, manhole, gulley, channel bedding

Products for bedding concrete paviours, terracotta tiles, natural stone flags, cobbles, setts, slabs.  Coping stone and kerb bedding materials. Suitable for pedestrian, vehicular and heavy vehicular use; for domestic / residential, public realm, urban spaces, driveways, pavements, roads. loading bays, car parks etc.  See paving bedding products here.

Ironwork Bedding

Ironwork, manhole, gulley, channel bedding

Fast setting high-strength products for bedding ironwork, manholes, gulleys, inspection chamber frames etc., in highways, roads, footpaths, service yards, cycle paths while minimising downtime and closures.  To see ironwork bedding products click here.

Anchoring & fixing bolts for barriers

High-strength fast-setting products for anchoring & grouting balustrades and barriers, even vehicular barriers in parks, on roads, in mariners, in industrial yards, and most other scenarios. Adhesives for fixing parking sensors, lighting, glass to concrete, steel to concrete, steel to stone and more.  See more outdoor anchoring & grouting materials here.


arcon-anti-slip-outside-ramps-steps-footpaths-walkways-car parks

Anti-slip floor paints and coatings for outdoor surfaces such as car parks, ramps, roads, steps / stairs, balconies etc. Decorative anti-slip coating for public spaces, stadia, parks, shopping centres, etc. that can incorporate way finding and branding through colours and patterning.  To see anti-slip outdoor surfaces click here.

surface protection


Surface coatings for external / outdoor concrete areas to prevent dusting or to seal the concrete surface. Damp-proofers to prevent water penetration from below and repair products to fix spalled or damaged concrete surfaces.  For concrete sealers and dust-proofers click here or for damp-proofers click here.

Coloured Floor Paints & Coatings for outdoors 

outdoor external resin non-slip painted surface

Epoxy and polyurethane coloured UV-stable floor coatings for use in outdoor areas at stadia, supermarkets, public squares, playgrounds and many other locations.  Click here for external surface coating products.

Movement Joint Sealants

Sealants for external movement expansion joints

Joint sealants for outdoor movement joints, often referred to just as expansion joints, for almost all purposes. For example goods yards /service yards, airport runways, sea walls, concrete walls and structures, concrete bridge sections, roads and pavements. To see external movement joint products click here.

External Concrete Repairs

Outdoor concrete crack repair using resin injection system

Repair materials for cracks, potholes and failures in outdoor / external concrete slabs, steps, ramps, roadways, yards, pavements and most other concrete floors and structures. Click here for more information on concrete repairs.

Post fixing, bollards, signage, highways barriers 

post fixing signage barriers

Post fixing for bollards, road signage, highways barriers, lighting columns, etc. For products click here.

Fence post fixing products include: Mapegrout SV

Adhesives, Bonding & Sealing

Adhesives, bonding & sealing building materials

Adhesives to bond together stone, tiles, steel, marble, timber, glass, and most other surfaces to create even the most ambitious design features. To see adhesive products click here. For block sealing click here.   For securely bonding copings, offering peace-of-mind particularly at high level see Metobond 1:1 Nupatch Bedding Mortar


Highways roads pavements motorway installation repair and maintenance products

Installation, repair and maintenance products for highways, including motorways, roads, bridges, pavements, ironwork and street furniture.  Click here for main highways page.

Waterproofing for ponds, natural pools & water features

waterproofing for ponds, natural pools and water features

Waterproofing, sealing and tanking solutions for external water features, ponds, natural pools and retaining walls.  For products click here.




CASE STUDY: Paving Jointing BS 7433 Compliant Rigid Paving Systems

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