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Flooding and Flood Defence Repair Materials

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Flooding and Flood Defence Construction, Maintenance and Repair Materials

Products for PROPERTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE FLOOD prevention measures

Materials for installing, repairing and extending flood defences and flood barriers including river defences, flood gates, river walls, sea walls, tidal walls, flood alleviation bunds and similar. As well a materials for cleaning and tanking properties.


Sea wall flood defence repairs

Materials that can be used in marine environments and saline conditions, materials that can also cure between tides or can cure in wet or fully submerged situations. These include repair mortars for concrete and stone flood defences.  Non-shrink grouts and epoxy resin grouts for bedding new or re-bedding existing structure and fixing/anchoring dowels.  Sealants for sealing new movement joints in sea walls, or repairing and re-sealing existing damaged joints. Shrinkage compensated sprayed-applied concrete. For more details on concrete repair products, mortars, grouts and sealants for marine environments click here. See also CASE STUDY: Sea wall flood defence extension to see an example coastal flood defence enhancement.


River flood defence repair materials

Repair mortars for use in repairing concrete and stone river flood defence barriers, river walls, canal walls, culverts, dams, tunnels and flood gates. For potable water environments NatCem 35 is approved for use in these situations.  NatCem 35 is also an excellent choice for ecologically and biologically sensitive areas. Nitomortar UA repair mortar, Aqua Mortar Accelerated rapid strength gain repair mortar, leak plugging Febtank Plug, gun-applied anti-washout Marine Mortar, or NatCem 35 can all be used for underwater repairs and underwater application on new installations. See our Rivers, Canals & Waterways page for more mortars, grouts, sealants and coatings for safe use in freshwater situations. 


cleaning dirty flood water off walls and floors

Flood water not only damages building materials within properties, it also carries harmful pathogens creating unsanitary conditions. Sikagard Flood Sanitiser can be used to treat plaster, brickwork, sub-floors, timber joists, floorboards, concrete surfaces, fixtures and fittings contaminated with flood water prior to carrying out remedial works.  It contains a highly potent biocide, fungicide and mildewcide that sanitises, disinfects and protects against a broad range of bacteria including salmonella, campylobacter, MRSA and listeria, as well as viruses like hepatitis B. It comes in a powerful concentrated formula - a 5L bottle that is diluted with clean water prior to application to produce 50L of product that can be sprayed liberally on all surfaces.  It is a simple and effective treatment to sanitise flood affected building materials. 


Tanking building structure to stop water penetration

Tanking slurries are easy to apply to the internal face of brickwork, blockwork, stonework or concrete walls to stop water and moisture penetration through the building structure. FebTank Super and Thoroseal Super are all suitable for this purpose.  They are easy to apply with a brush and can resist both negative and positive hydrostatic pressure. NatCem 35 can be used as a waterproofing render, which is trowel-applied to a minimum thickness of 10mm. Blackjack DPM is a black rubber enriched bitumen emulsion that can be used on external and internal wall surfaces. Holes, cracks and gaps around pipework penetrations that have live water leaking through them can be plugged while the water is flowing with Febtank Plug, Thoroseal WaterPlug, or Natcem 35 prior to applying any tanking materials to the walls.


Surface applied liquid damp proof membranes for concrete floors

Surface-applied liquid damp proof membranes (DPMs) can stop moisture ingress up through a concrete floor slab.  Where the concrete is cracked or has holes, these must be repaired first. If water is flowing in through holes or cracks in the slab they can be repaired using Febtank Plug Thoro WaterPlug or NatCem35. Liquid DPMs include RS Dampshield Pumaprime DPM (both have a clear finish) and Nitoflor DPM which comes in red or yellow to aid visual contrast for application and coverage. Blackjack DPM is a black rubber enriched bitumen emulsion that can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. 


Case Study: Coastal flood defence sea wall extension

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