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non-shrink grouts, anchor resins, concrete repair mortars, resin flooring and more supplied to the construction industry

Arcon have been supplying the construction industry with specialist building, maintenance and repair materials for nearly 30 years. We have also offered technical advice on product selection, best value for money and specifications; as well as countless difficult and unusual construction, repair and maintenance problems.

General concrete patch repairs

arcon general concrete patch repairs

We supply a wide range of cement and polymer modified concrete repair materials for patch repairs, floor repairs and concrete structure repairs.  Patch repair products can be used to fill-in potholes & holes in concrete floor slabs and external yards, as well as repairs to steps, stairs, riser, tread & nosing repairs.  Large scale repairs to areas of concrete surfacing that has spalled, honey-combed or has blow holes in it can be fixed with our flowable or trowelable repair products.  We also supply shrinkage compensated high-build mortars, high strength chemically resistant screeds, fast strength gain materials and bulk fill concretes.  

Non-shrink grouts

arcon non-shrink grout - baseplace grouting example

We supply cement-based and epoxy resin non-shrink grouts with a range of flow characteristics and strengths to suit a wide variety of purposes.  Cement-based grouts for filling & grouting baseplates, anchoring posts, filling & grouting stanchion plates,void filling and the like. Epoxy resin grouts for high resistance to vibration and dynamic loads suitable for uses from bedding manhole frames to installing lighting on runways.  

Crack repair products

resin injection concrete crack repair materials

Crack repairs and fine crack repairs can be carried out using resin injection grouts, which are available with high bond strengths, rapid strength gain and varying degrees of viscosity.  They are stable to seawater and petroleum products.  Thixotropic versions are available and all can be supplying with tubing, guns and top-hats for application. For more information on resin injection grouts click here.

Resin flooring products

resin flooring paints, coatings and screeds

We supply resin floor paint, coatings and screed products along with resin floor jointing materials and aggregates for enhanced slip-resistance.  Resin floors provide a seamless hard-wearing floor finish that is easy to clean and does not support bacterial growth.  Resin finishes can protect concrete floor slabs and concrete hardstandings from chemical attack and weathering.  We can also supply a wide range of decorative resin flooring products.

Resin anchor grouts

arcon non-shrink grout anchoring dowel bar fixing

Resin anchor grouts for bolt fixing, dowel bar anchoring, fixing wall ties, anchoring starter bars, attaching access ladders, installing balustrades and railings.


SEalants & adhesivEs

Sealants & adhesives for building ad construction

Sealants and adhesives for construction to suit indoor and outdoor applications, horizontal, vertical and inverted situations.  Elastomeric products, silicones, modified polyethers, polyesters, polyurethanes - pourable and gun-grades.


Waterproofing tanking and damp-proofing solutions

Solutions for waterproofing, tanking and damp proofing. Coatings, sheet membranes, water stopping and water bar products.  Remedial liquid DPMs for floor slabs. Solutions for leaking basement, protecting below ground structure and foundations, solutions for damp concrete floor slabs, waterproofing pile caps, etc.


Paving bedding jointing and pointing

Products for paving bedding, jointing and pointing for domestic, civic and commercial hard landscaping schemes.  Paving bedding mortars for rigid paving systems to BS 7533 and HA standards.  Resin and cementitious jointing materials for wet conditions and for dry conditions, offering considerable time and labour savings.


External Works and Highways Products

Products and materials for ironwork reinstatement, road surface repairs, post fixing, barrier installations, etc. Fast-track solutions for fast curing and early strength gain for areas that need to be back in operation as soon as possible.


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