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structural protective coatings


The nature of structural protection is such that for every problem there can be many solutions. The cost of over specifying or choosing the wrong option can be an expensive exercise. Loss in production time or risk of personal injury can far outweigh the initial installation costs. Whether considering new build situations or refurbishment, these points are equally valid.

Our simplified approach is just a gateway to successful results; therefore our service includes discussing your application through every stage to ensure long term satisfaction.

So what are you looking for?

  • A simple floor paint for garage or workshop
  • A hard wearing, non-slip coating for production areas
  • A chemical resistant membrane for bund walls
  • A waterproofing tanking system for basement and foundations
  • A protection against graffiti
  • A repellant for organic waste and chewing gum

We offer systems in all these areas to fit even the smallest of budgets and achieve the result you want at the first attempt.

With a wide range of protective, waterproofing and coating products we provide solutions to all your problems. We have the answers to cope with the harshest environments and chemical exposure situations to the most pleasing and hygienic finishes.

Floor Paint

Polyurethane Tile and Floor Paint - A one pack hard wearing coating for tile, stone and concrete floors. Excellent resistance to water, oil and mild detergents. Simply applied.

Nitoflor FC130 - a two component water dispersible epoxy resin coating ideally suited for walls and floors of garages, warehouse and light industry.

Colours and non-slip grades available for selected products:
Mid Green
Mid Grey
Light Grey
Tile Red
Safety Red
Safety Yellow

Hygienic Wall & Floor Coatings

Resuseal WB - a durable two component coating available in an attractive range of colours in both matt and gloss finishes.

Resucoat HB - solvent free high specification epoxy resin coating giving excellent chemical resistance. Perfect for floors in manufacturing and food industries.

Resuseal WB Wall Finishes - a coloured gloss finish hygienic sealer and coating for wall and floors. Specifically designed for use in kitchens, food processing areas and light industry.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

Resucoat HB - solvent free high specification epoxy resin coating giving excellent chemical resistance. Perfect for floors in manufacturing and food industries.

Resutop LV - specifically designed floor coating for aircraft hangars. Excellent resistance to aggressive SKYDROL hydraulic fluids and oils.

Nitocote EP405 - a solvent free epoxy resin coating for potable water retaining structures. Highly chemical resistant, high gloss and easy to clean.

Nitocote EP410 - highly chemical resistant two pack epoxy system. Provides protection to concrete and steel in aggressive immersion conditions. Particularly suitable in process and sewerage plants.

Nitocote EP403 - a damp tolerent chemical corrosion and abrasion resistant coating for sewage works marine environments and tunnels.

Sikagard 63N - an abrasion resistant, universal coating for normal to highly aggressive chemical environments.

For technical information please CONTACT US

Pavior and Block Paving Protection

Ultracrete Joint Fix - a liquid resin based product designed to seal paving and stabilise sand filled joints. Helps resist aggressive cleaning operations. Also helps to reduce chewing gum adhesion and pollution.

Waterproofing Systems

Febtank Super - A polymer modified cementitious tanking slurry for internal and external faces of structures. Resists positive and negative hydrostatic pressures.  

Thoroseal Super - A polymer modified cement coating providing internal and external waterproofing solutions. Foundations and cellars easily treated.

Masterseal 525 - Non-toxic, flexible cement waterproofing and resurfacing coating.

Aquaseal Hyprufe - A bitumen rubber emulsion for waterproofing of foundations, walls, abutments etc. prior to back fill. Also used for damp proofing.

Proofex 3000 - A waterproof sheet membrane impervious to water for use in lift pits and foundation / basement tanking.

Waterplug - An ultra fast setting cement mortar used for instant plugging of live water leaks in concrete i.e. cellars, lift shafts etc.

Thoroseal FX100 - An elastomeric coating for water retaining structures subject to movement. Crack bridgng properties. D.W.I. approved.

RS Dampshield - multi-function surface applied damp proof membrane for waterproofing of cellar walls prior to dry walling. Resists 10 bar negative water pressure.

Ultra DPM IT  - heavy duty damp proof membrane used where a membrane has been missed or failed. Will allow early overlaying of vinyls and carpets.

Compound SBR- a versatile highly effective waterproofing additive for sand/cement screeds and renders in basement tanking situations.

Blackjack Black Bitumen Paint - protective coating for above and below ground situations. It provides an effective waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant barrier on a wide variety of substrates.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Easy on - anti-graffiti coating that can give walls upto 20 years protection for a one coat application. Suitable for clean metals, brick, concrete, tile, timber and plaster.

Easy off - cleaning solution for all non porous surfaces, tile, mortar, existing coatings, brick and metals. Non-hazardous and non-flammable.

Roof Waterproofing

A range of roof coatings and repair products is available on request. Contact us for more information.

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