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PRODUCT PAGE: Ultracrete IRR Instant Road Repair

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PRODUCT: Ultracrete Instant Road Repair

This products does everything you would want it to do.  Firstly it is a cold applied system, so no health & safety risks associated with hot works.  It is easy to use, quick to apply, and gives a PERMANENT repair.  Instant Road Repair is a permanent cold lay asphalt with HAPAS approval.  Furthermore, it can be TRAFFICKED INSTANTLY after it has been compacted, making it perfect for reactive repairs as well as scheduled maintenance.


  • Roads - instantly repair troublesome potholes
  • Cycle paths / cycle routes  – cyclist are even more vulnerable to the risks posed by potholes than drivers; causing them injury and damage to bikes
  • Footpaths / pavements /footways - eliminate dangerous trip hazards on pedestrian routes
  • Domestic driveways – provides an economical and easy way to fix potholes at home
  • Industrial yards / private roadways / service yards and distribution yards – need to be repaired quickly to reduce costly downtime and damage to vehicles


Remove dirt, debris, loose material and any standing water from the area to be repaired.  Using Ultracrete SCJ Seal and Tack coat spray will prolong the repair as will saw-cutting a square frame around the damaged area and taking out materials within the square frame to the depth of the lowest point in the damaged zone.  Use spray the SCJ around the perimeter and over the surface of the damaged or cut-out area.  Compact the required amount of Instant Road Repair in to the pothole.



  • Can be used in wet rainy conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Tubs can be resealed to reduce wastage if the repair is only small
  • HAPAS approved
  • Repairs holes of depths of 15 -100 mm
  • Can be used in all weathers
  • Permanent


Ultracrete Instant Road Repair Product Data Sheet


Arcon Ultracrete IRR Instant Road Repair Product Image


Ultracrete SCJ - spray sealer & tack coat



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