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PRODUCT: Mapegrout SV 

Mapegrout SV is a flowable pourable cementitious repair mortar, which comes in a powder form and is mixed with water to a fluid or super fluid consistency depending upon mix ratios.  It can be used for a wide variety of purposes (see uses below).  It has shrinkage compensation characteristics and is a structural mortar Class R4 compliant with EN 1504-3 and EN 1504-9.


  • Floor repairs - it is durable and highly resistant to abrasion making it ideal for repairing very heavy and extremely heavy duty industrial floors, as well as highly trafficked commercial floors such as in airports and shopping centres.
  • Concrete repairs – for general concrete repairs particularly where a pourable / fluid repair mortar is required.
  • Repairing badly damaged concrete structures.
  • Highways works - repairing concrete footpaths / pavements /footways, highways coating repairs, repairs to concrete carriageway surfaces.
  • Anchoring kerbstones, protection barriers, fixing fence posts and other street furniture.
  • Bedding / fixing ironwork in highways and pavements - such as manhole and inspection chamber frames for utilities (foul drainage, surface water drainage, gas, electricity, water, comms, cable and broadband inspection chambers).
  • Fixing pylons and telegraph poles.
  • Concrete trafficked by vehicles - from repairs to domestic driveways, industrial yards / private roadways / service yards and distribution yards.


Remove dirt, debris, loose material and any standing water from the area to be repaired.  Ensure the surface is sound and is rough (if the surface is smooth it will need to be abraded first). Saturate the surface with water but ensure no standing water is left.  Mix the Mapegrout SV to the required consistency following the ratios laid out in the technical data sheet below.  Pour the Mapegout SV in to the prepared area and smooth-off using a trowel immediately.


  • Easy to use - just mixed with water
  • Pourable / flowable / high flow / fluid / super fluid
  • Fast-setting and rapid hardening
  • Very heavy duty 
  • Repairs depths from 10 to 50mm (50mm to 100mm with aggregate)
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 
  • No primer required


Mapegrout SV Technical Product Data Sheet

Mapegrout SV Safety Data Sheet



Arcon Mapegrout SV Pourable Concrete Repair Mortar Product Image


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