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polyurethane resin floor coatings & screeds

PU floor paints, coatings, self-smoothers and screeds for all applications

Polyurethane resin floor screeds have a proven track record when it comes to concrete floor surfacing in food related industries. Their service life is exemplary in demanding environments such as chemical processing plants, wet and dry food production, brewing, and engineering industries. Polyurethane floor screeds also have exceptional performance in heavily trafficked areas.

Designed as a practical, robust floor screed, polyurethane flooring systems have extremely good chemical resistance with excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistance. Almost as a bonus the PU screeds can also be steam cleaned unlike many other flooring systems; although it is important to check the maximum exposure temperatures for each individiual product / system.

arcon polyurethane floor screed at food processing factory

A polyurethane floor screed is normally laid at 6 to 9mm thickness. 9mm is usually specified for steam cleaning areas and heavy traffic loadings.

The resin floor finish when cured has an easily cleaned, matt appearance and can be produced in an attractive range of colours. The non slip characteristics of the resin screed are ideally suited for wet work areas and personnel safety.

Repairs to concrete floors prior to the installation of new polyurethane screeds can be made in several ways. Depending on the situation fast drying cement, epoxy or polyurethane kits can be used to effect quick localised repairs.

To ensure easily cleaned surfaces are provided, polyurethane covings can be installed at wall and floor junctions.

Where movement joints have to be provided polyurethane joint sealants can be used to compliment the resin floor system.

arcon polyurethane floor screed at Spitalfields Fish Marketarcon polyurethane floor screed with integral drainage channelPolyurethane Resin Screeds & Self-Levelling Coatings Creameryarcon new polyurethane floor screed to brewery

Polyurethane Resin Floor Screeds

Heavy duty trowel applied polyurethane synthetic resin floor screeds:  

Resuthane TG69 a 6-9mm heavy duty, steam cleanable polyurethane floor screed. Medium textured grade. Available in an attractive colour range.

Resuthane TGF69 a 6-9mm heavy duty, steam cleanable polyurethane floor screed. Fine textured grade. Available in an attractive colour range.

Pumadur HF a heavy duty polyurethane floor screed laid at 6-9mm. It has a lightly textured matt finish. BS8204 Part 6 Synthetic Resin Flooring Type 8. Suitable for heavy duty traffic, food processing, cold stores, freezer floors, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and plant vehicle areas, etc. It has as excellent durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance; and can be steam cleaned. It is suitable for both wet and dry processing environments. Pumadur HF is water-based and is certified non-tainting.

Pumadur RT is a heavy duty polyurethane screed, very similar to Pumadur HF (described above) but is more resin-rich making it quicker and easier to apply, particularly for applicators with less experience, albeit slightly more expensive.

Polyurethane Resin Wall/Floor Coving

Integral coved skirting for seamless resin flooring Resuthane JT44 a 3 part (base, hardener and aggregate) lightweight floor and wall coving and render. Used in conjunction with Resuthane TG69 and TGF69

Pumadur WR - coving and upstand system for use with Pumadur resin floor screeds to create seamless integrated skirtings and upstands that can be taken up the wall surface to create bunded areas.

Pumadur CG - a polyurethane resin coving system for use with Pumadur resin floor products to create a seamless resin coving / skirtings / upstands, that can be taken up to 250mm vertically up the wall or bund. It provides a smooth matt finish and is suitable for high hygiene sterile processes and creating bund or tanking areas for chemical production, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing.

Polyurethane Heavy Duty Flowable Resin Flooring

Pumadur MD is a heavy duty flow-applied floor topping for medium and heavy duty environments. BS8204 Part 6 Synthetic Resin Flooring Type 7. It is suitable for food production / food processing, breweries, chemical processing, manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and many other uses. It is laid at 4-6mm and has a seamless, easy-to-clean, smooth, matt finish. Rapid installation is possible due to it's flowable nature. Once cured it provides a robust, durable, impact, abrasion and chemically resistant finish.

Self-Levelling / Self-Smoothing Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Pumadur SL is a medium duty flow-applied self-smoothing floor topping, laid at 2-3mm. BS8204 Part 6 Synthetic Resin Flooring Type 5. It is durable with excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. When cured it has an easy-to-clean smooth seamless matt surface finish. Certified non-tainting and non-dusting, it is suitable for food and beverage processing, engineering and chemical processing amongst others. 

Concrete Floor Repair

Resufil a fast set economical substrate repair prior to resin floor screeding.

Resupatch an epoxy resin floor repair mortar. Featheredge to 25mm thickness.

Tufpatch FS a featheredge to 25mm plus, heavy duty fast setting and hardening.

Ultracrete FTC a rapid setting cement based floor repair and screed with rapid loss of residual water.

Polyurethane Joint Sealants

Pumexpand P a pourable two pack flexible, polyurethane modified epoxy Jointing compound for resin floors to prevent crack across floor movement joints joint sealant. Suitable for floor joints in industrial environments. It provides good chemical resistance an can withstand heavy trafficking in joints 6-20mm. Suitable for low movement joints in resin floor systems, it is available in a range of standard colours.

For vertical applications, use Pumexpand V a thixotropic modified epoxy joint filling compound suitable for low movement vertical joints. It comes in a range of standard colours.




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