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Manhole Frame Bedding Mortars

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Bedding mortars for fixing manhole frames in highways

Fast setting / curing mortars with high early strength gain for quick re-opening


Arcon stock a broad range of mortars to bed inspection chambers, manholes, surface water grids / drain gully grates, foul water / sewerage  covers, aco drainage channels, slot drains, meter box covers, tree pit covers, benches, bollards and other ironwork. From installation in extremely heavily trafficked roads / motorways (highways) to pavements and parks, there are high strength mortars designed to bed ironwork firmly, securely and permanently. Intensity of traffic, if HAPAS Approval is required, weather conditions / air temperatures, speed of cure required etc. will all determine the best mortar for your project. Cement based, polyester resin and epoxy resin based mortars all feature in our range of ironwork bedding materials. Call us for specification advice on 01925 85 2225. We also stock cold-applied permanent macadam and thermoplastic overbanding to ensure a long lasting professional finish.  


Ultracrete M90 A multi-purpose fast set mortar ideal for bedding ironwork and general repairs. It is suitable for use on all ironwork conforming to BS EN 124. It is shrinkage-compensated to prevent cracking and provides exceptional bond strength.

Ultracrete M60 a rapid set bedding mortar which is part of the BBA/HAPAS approved ironwork reinstatement system for use with all ironwork, conforming to BS EN 124. Can be used at 10 – 75mm in one layer and extended with aggregate for deeper sections. Open to traffic in one hour

Ultracrete PY4 Mortar a two-part component, fast setting polyester resin mortar. Particularly suitable for the rapid installation and reinstatement of manhole frames, gully grates, kerbs and street furniture in heavily trafficked areas.

Ultracrete PY5 Grout a polyester resin grout for ultra rapid fixing of manhole frames and gullies where early trafficking is essential.

Sika FastFix M60 a rapid set, one component cementitious bedding mortar for the fast installation of street ironwork. Complies with Department of Transport Design Manual for Roads and Bridges HD 27/94 Vol 7 Section 2. allows very early trafficking.


FEBSET 45 a cementitious modified mortar only requiring the addition of clean water and mixing on site, that can be used in cold and freezing weather, in temperatures down to minus 20°C or lower. 


SCJ Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer & Tack Coat Spray is a tack coat to promoteManhole fixing with Ultracrete-SCJ_cold_joint_sealer_tack_coat adhesion of the Instant Road Repair and seal the edges of the repair to prevent water ingress, prolonging the life of the repair. It is an all-weather product and is used a part of a HAPAS approved ironwork reinstatement.

6mm INSTANT ROAD REPAIR - permanent cold-lay macadam / asphalt concrete compacted around the repair, that can take traffic immediately. All-weather, IRR can be used in cold, wet and rainy conditions. HAPAS approved.

6mm INSTANT ROAD REPAIR RED - a RED coloured permanent cold-lay macadam / asphalt concrete compacted around the repair, that can take traffic immediately. All-weather, IRR Red can be used in cold, wet and rainy conditions. Can be used a part of a HAPAS approved ironwork reinstatement.

INSTABAND ECO - is a thermoplastic overbanding tape installed over the joint between the new macadam repair and the surrounding existing macadam surface to waterproof the junction and help to prevent fretting at the edges of the repair. It helps to prolong the life of the repair and is quick and easy to apply.



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VIDEO: HAPAS Approved Manhole Installation System

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